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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — n THE MWC was holding all of the cards in their high-stakes standoff with Boise State as the walls were closing in on BSU. And then the MWC folded their hand, bowing down to a university that has been in the conference for only two seasons. The Broncos will have the opportunity to receive more money in football than the rest of the members of the conference and the MWC is also going to help pay their Big East exit fee? Where is that money coming from? Happy New Year, Boise State. You played your counterparts like fools. When the next conference comes a callin’, we’re sure you’ll be a haulin’.
– Joseph

n OVER-RATED! Bet you cherry & silver kool-aid drinkers couldn’t find the mute button fast enough, in the first half to boot! Major tarnish on that “national brand.” Let’s check the math, in the last three games, one nice win, two ugly losses. Sorry, even in the new year, my Mayan calendar still says a .500 record the rest of the way. How soon til Lobo baseball season starts?
– The Dude

n ANOTHER SEASON for the Lobo basketball fans brings the same results. A good record, occasionally ranked in the Top 25, and a questionable NCAA Tournament résumé. Better step it up in MWC play!
– DC

n HERE’S HOPING the Cowboys KEEP Tony Romo as QB for … a … very … long … time.

n YOUR TOP SPORTS stories was wrong on NMSU only having 2 teams make the NCAA tournament in 2012, men’s basketball and baseball. The NMSU women’s volleyball team also made the NCAA tournament in 2012. Give the Aggies credit where credit is due.
– OS
Shame on us for taking Mike Jordan and the consistency of his program for granted. – Randy, Journal

— This article appeared on page D2 of the Albuquerque Journal