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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ LOBO BASKETBALL fans want to know if “tryouts” for the team are held to decide who walks on and who gets a scholarship. Chris Perez has worked hard for the team for three years and should have been awarded the recently available scholarship.


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— Nando

♦ HEY OS, What’s the problem with succeeding in life? How do you think Bryce Alford is able to score 40 points a game? He is able to put these numbers up because he works in the gym day in and day out. Just because he is the son of a wealthy man (who by the way has greatly excelled in his profession), doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be recognized. No one in the state of New Mexico has come even close to excelling like Bryce Alford is doing this season. I congratulate Bryce for EARNING his publicity this season and wish him luck in breaking the New Mexico records.

— Boig

♦ WELCOME BACK Demetrius… we’re gonna need you down the stretch.

— UNM Alumnus

♦ I’M ROOTING for new NMSU head football coach, Doug Martin. Coach Martin said the Aggies have unlimited potential. While technically true, it’s like saying Sarah Palin will say something intelligent. Both things are possible but what are the odds?

— Larry the VOL

♦ LAST WEEK’S attendance at the Lobo women’s San Diego State game was the 2nd highest of the year next to the $2 “Pack the Pit” promotion. The game did not conflict with the Lobo men’s game…It validates everything that numerous fans have been saying for years. Now if we can only get someone on S. University Blvd. to take a stand against the Mountain West Conference on behalf of the loyal UNM fans.

— sw7
— This article appeared on page D6 of the Albuquerque Journal