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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ CSU STUDENT SECTION: I know that you’re a little new to winning at basketball and as far as heckling the Lobo caravan as they got off the bus, there’s an old saying….”Let sleeping dogs lie.”


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— sw7

♦ ABOUT 1978, I was blessed to watch Marvin Johnson score 50, to break Francis Grant’s 48 point record from around 1950. Unless somebody else has done it, Kendall Williams 46 points is the third best all time game in Lobo history. Johnson’s teammate Michael Cooper went on to earn defensive player of the year, playing next to Magic Johnson, as the Lakers won the championship against the Celtics. Cooper’s defense against Bird was crucial. This years team has the opportunity to meet or exceed that one, for undoubtedly a “best ever” (claim)

— John in Edgewood

♦ GO KENDALL; Go Lobos. Kendall it was awesome watching you perform on Saturday afternoon against CSU (the other Lobos were just as good). I was hoping that you would break the record of Automatic Marvin Johnson, also against CSU, on March 2, 1978; he scored 50 points that night. They beat the Rams that night 111-88 before 18,101 screaming fans. Go Lobos.

— tb “62”

♦ ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Sports has become Albuquerque Alford (family) Journal. “Boring” barely describes the transition.

— DM

♦ INCONSISTENT? 23-4, 10-2 in one of the best leagues in the country, and a 2 game lead with 4 left. This team is anything but inconsistent. Btw, POY should go to the best player on the best team; Kendall Williams.


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♦ CONGRATS TO an outstanding game. Williams had a game for Lobo fans to remember, however does he have to pose and act like a JERK to draw attention to himself. He was more mature as a freshman than he is now. He needs to learn how to win with some class!! Alford has class and needs to teach that.

— M. C. Lobo supporter in Rio Rancho.

♦ TO ANSWER unm alum from a couple of weeks ago concerning “whats wrong with Snell and Williams.” Nothing is wrong with Snell. He has been sick and it is commendable that he could travel much less play. He is a much better player than Williams. Even though Williams is lighting up Colorado State as I type this he is not as good as advertised, not as good as Snell, and certainly not as good as he thinks he is. Can you say flopper? Also it is shameful that the coaches get so fired up to defend their players from opposing coaches when Coach Alforme on a regular basis use to get in opposing players faces, cussing them, and trying to bully them. OOOOOOOOOOO we are so scared!!!

— Lulu

♦ A PACK OF WOLVES with a heart of a Champion just ran through Fort Collins snapping their (27) home game winning streak. An unbelievable performance by Kendall Williams & Co., in what was to be the BIGGEST game in CSU’s history. Speaks volumes of the fantastic job Coach Alford, Neal & Co have done!

— passionate lobo fan

♦ AS A SEASON ticket holder Lobo basketball at the Pit is great! To see the accomplishments of this team is fantastic! To watch them beat Colorado State at my house in “Our Pit” with 10 screaming fans that was louder than…. PRICELESS! Thanks Lobos you made our season. Good luck we’ll be with you the rest of the way.

— DS, Los Lunas

♦ WHAT A GAME against CSU. Lobos showed toughness, attitude, and ability to win on the road with a tough crowd. A brilliant display of shooting by Williams, and a great team victory. Vaya Con Dios

— El Hombre

♦ EX LSU defensive back and former pothead Tyrann Mathieu would be a perfect fit for the Denver Broncos in their defensive secondary (torched by the Ravens). Pot is LEGAL in Colorado. Wonder what John Elway thinks of this?

— This article appeared on page D3 of the Albuquerque Journal