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Sports speak up

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ WHAT SADDENS ME the most is two things: 1. That there is no sense of loyalty, community, respect for an institution, city, state, the players or fans. 2. That I will miss Alford and his family. I was really looking forward to the next ten years, especially the next four, with the two Alford boys on the team and the whole family as an integral part of the UNM community. We wish you well, Steve Alford and family, and we will miss you.

— M and J

♦ COACH ALFORD —what a slap in the face this is to all your players and fans. Maybe that extra million a year will help you sleep at night when you remember the players who sweated blood and tears for you and the community to whom you falsely swore allegiance. Leave behind that cherry blazer so we can burn it in effigy!

— Diane


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♦ NOW ALL WHINERS can really whine. You reap what you sow.

— Long time 40 some years LOYAL Lobo Fan

♦ IF KREBS lets the moment pass without hiring Neal and stabilizing the program, I’m done as a fan, and I plan to make it my mission to convince UNM to can him.

— Dennis

♦ HAIKU FOR STEVE: Teardrops in my beer Listening to Hall & Oates Why, Steve? Why, why why?

— “Emanno the Cat”

♦ WHAT A SAD day for UCLA fans. If Alfraud is “the best thing “ that ever happened to the Lobos, UCLA hoops is in big trouble.

— Keith, Santa Clara Pueblo


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♦ CONGRATULATIONS STEVE!! To all those angry about his decision, I think they just don’t get it. This man has spent his life working basketball. Which of those angry people wouldn’t give up a supervisory position for a CEO position? Get a life!

— Jo. Steadman

♦ FOR HIS ROLE in pretending to say he loved New Mexico, his team, and was committed to UNM……the Oscar goes to…Steve Alford.

— El Hombre

♦ JUST WANT to wish Coach Alford the best (not really) during his tenure at the UCLA grave yard for college basketball coaches. However, I am very disappointed in the comments about leaving the basketball program by Alex Kirk. Hope Alex will come to his senses and publically apologize. Remember Alex, YOU are New Mexico!!!

— Joel, Rio Rancho

♦ THE MAN GETS a million dollars a year then walks away anyway. People will be saying that we have to pay the next guy even more. I say we should do the exact opposite. State government should pass a law that the head coach at any public university should be paid no more than the head of an academic department at that school. New Mexico can lead the nation in restoring fiscal sanity to college sports!

— Love the Sport, Hate the Business

— This article appeared on page B1 of the Albuquerque Journal