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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — ♦ THE HIRE OF Craig Neal is a no-brainer. By next year would we even notice that Alford was gone? (Sweet 16, 2014) A Lobo fan since Carlisle Gym Days.


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— Ross

♦ KREBS: HIRING the next coach will define and be your legacy. Coach Neal is a sure thing, sign him up! But please, give the guy a $10K dressing allowance, those stripped suits have got to go.


♦ I’M IN FAVOR of Neal getting a chance as the head coach, but only if he finds a new offense coach. Given the Lobo’s lackluster offense, saying he was the offense coach doesn’t really enhance his resume.

— JC

♦ MR. KREBS, FOR the stability of the program, I sincerely implore you to remove the “interim” preceding the words Head Coach and elevate Craig Neal to the position with all due haste. Coach “Noodles” has certainly earned the right to the position by enduring the ego of the former head coach for past decade. It is time to see who the real genius was behind the recent success of the Lobos.

— Rodney UNM ’79

♦ SOMEONE SHOULD CHECK to make sure that Steve leaves those nets he cut down. They belong to UNM and Lobo Nation. From “King of the Mountian West” to the “Wanker of Westwood.” Yes Virginia, it really does roll down hill! Extremely disappointed Loyal Lobo fan

— MAL, Albuquerque

♦ THANK YOU COACH Alford for the good time in Lobo Basketball. Good luck in your new venture at UCLA. Of course you will be missed but life goes on. Good luck to your sons too. For the good times.

— tblobo4ever

— Don, ABQ
— This article appeared on page D2 of the Albuquerque Journal