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Isotopes Trivia

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s been 10 years of Isotopes baseball. How closely have you paid attention. Answers are on D3.

1. Which ex-Isotope is the son of a recording artist who had a top-5 single on the Billboard charts in 1972?

2. Which ex-Isotope is Major League Baseball’s all-time pinch hitter?

3. Which ex-‘Tope caught the final out of the 2004 World Series, giving the Boston Red Sox their first World Series title since 1918?


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4. Who is the only ex-Isotope to go on to become a major league All-Star?

5. The Isotopes have been to the PCL playoffs three times in team history. What is their all-time record in playoff games?

6. What five-time National League All-Star managed the Isotopes to the PCL playoffs in their first season as a Dodgers affiliate?

7. Since the Joe Bauman Award, recognizing the leading home run hitter in Minor League Baseball, was created in 2002, the Isotopes are the only team to have players win it in back-to-back seasons. Who were they?

8. This pitcher is the only one to record two shutouts in one Isotopes season. He is also a former high school student of a familiar performer at Isotopes games. Name the pitcher or the performer.

9. What former Isotopes played for the University of New Mexico?

10. Three sets of brothers have played for the Isotopes. How many can you name?

11. This Isotope fan favorite was known as “The Italian Bazooka” and played in the Montreal Expos’ final game. Who is he?


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12. Four Isotopes have hit inside-the-park home runs, and one of them won the 2007 Triple-A All-Star Home Run Derby at Isotopes Park. Who was he?

13. Which former Isotopes manager made news this season related to UNM men’s basketball?



Isotopes trivia answers

1. Rex Rundgren (IF, 2006), son of Todd Rundgren (“Hello It’s Me”)

2. Lenny Harris, with 212 (IF, 2003)

3. Doug Mientkiewicz (IF, 2009)


4. Los Angeles Dodger 1B Adrian Gonzalez (Isotope in 2003, All-Star in 2008-11)

5. 3-9

6. Tim Wallach

7. Dallas McPherson (IF, 42 HR in 2008), Mitch Jones (OF, 35 HR in 2009)

8. LHP Les Walrond threw two shutouts in 2005. He graduated from Union High in Tulsa, Okla., where one of the faculty members went on to become Myron Noodleman, the latest “Clown Prince of Baseball”. Myron Noodleman’s real name, incidentally, is Rick Hader. He is the uncle of actor and comedian Bill Hader (“Saturday Night Live”)

9. Scott Strickland (RHP, 2009), Brian Cavazos-Galvez (OF, 2012)

10. 1B Adrian (2003) and IF Edgar (2006) Gonzalez; RHPs Roy (2007, 2011) and Tim (2008-10, 12) Corcoran; IFs Lee (2008) and Russ (2010-11) Mitchell.

11. Valentino Pascucci (2007, 09)

12. Rob Stratton (2003), who wasn’t an active player when he outslugged all the All-Stars on that memorable night.

13. Tracy Woodson (2004), a basketball official, for ejecting Steve Alford from the game at Saint Louis.

Quiz compiled with big assistance from Steve Hurlbert, Robert Portnoy and John Traub.

How did you do?

1-5 correct: You just go to the games for the cold beer, the hot women and to watch Orbit.

6-8: You’ve also been paying attention to the games.

9-11: You’re a fan, obviously.

12-13: You’re either Superfan or Joe Traub, team historian.
— This article appeared on page D3 of the Albuquerque Journal

— This article appeared on page D1 of the Albuquerque Journal