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Daniels admits drug use

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Three days before Ronnie Daniels was found taking a bath in the home of a family he’d never met and arrested on a charge of residential burglary, the former La Cueva football star posted a 1,500-some word entry on his Facebook page.

In that post, Daniels admitted to multiple failed drug tests that cost him his athletic scholarship at Texas Tech and wrote that at one point he underwent rehab. He wrote of financial troubles, alienation from family members and his decision not to continue his football career this fall at San Diego State.

Throughout the post, however, he expressed hope and faith that the worst was over.

“All i can say is Thank You and sorry,” he wrote. “BUT I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER”


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Then, on Saturday, Daniels posted, “Today is a GREAT DAY. RELAXED! Knowing Everything is JUST HOW IT SHOULD BE!!”

That same day, Daniels was photographed in a neighbor’s backyard, fiddling with a collection of pots, pans and purses on top of a lighted grill. Another neighbor, who took the photo and called 911, told KOAT-TV the former Bears star also had filled a plastic kiddie pool with water.

Sunday, KOAT was told, police were called to the Northeast Heights neighborhood regarding Saturday’s events. Daniels reportedly was seen entering the same backyard and attempting to open a garage door, which was locked, in full view of the police, before leaping over a wall and fleeing.

Later Sunday, according to a criminal complaint filed with APD, Daniels entered another home and was found naked and taking a bath. Confronted by a resident, he fled the home and later was arrested.

Wednesday, Daniels remained at the Metropolitan Detention Center pending $5,000 bond.

In the Facebook post, Daniels wrote that he failed seven drug tests for marijuana and one for codeine during his first year at Texas Tech.

In the spring of 2012, he wrote, “Knowing I couldn’t make a mistake, I smoked once more over spring break.

“Came back, Performed and was gone the day spring ball ended.”


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After considerable soul-searching and with financial help from his girlfriend and her family, Daniels wrote, he decided to give football another try at San Diego State.

Of his own family, he wrote, “I Rejected the people in my family and knew that would not catch me when I fall. Definitely hurt them the most.”

On May 24, in a text to, Daniels announced that he had decided to quit football.

In his Facebook post, he wrote the opportunity at SDSU “was over before it was even started by miss (sic) communication along with the desire not to play.”

Phone messages left by the Journal on Wednesday for Daniels’ mother, Carol, and a brother, Ryan, were not returned.

Leonce Long, the father of former UNM basketball star Lamont Long (1996-2000), moved to Albuquerque from the Phoenix area to be with his son. He told the Journal he dated Carol Daniels and became close to her children.

Long said he has been trying to find answers to what happened to Ronnie Daniels over the weekend but says, “Nobody seems to know anything.”

Daniels, Long believes, had the talent and the desire to one day play in the NFL.

“He had all the tools,” Long said. “He had the size; he had speed. … I’m just amazed at what happened, and until I find out exactly what happened I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Hopefully, it will all work out for the kid.”

Daniels was a record-breaking running back for La Cueva, establishing career and season state bests for rushing and points scored.

Staff writer Mark Smith contributed to this report.