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Sports Speak Up!

YOU WANT SOMEONE to put up millions of dollars to rename the Pit by adding their name and yet you have the nerve to increase the price of season tickets and individual game tickets.

– MJ

n I HAVE A SUGGESTION for a name: Steve Alford’s Pit House. Lobo 4-ever.

– tb


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n IN LIGHT OF the new surcharge added to Lobo Basketball tickets and no corporate sponsors stepping up for naming rights, how about giving credit to the folks that are paying down the debt? “Lobo Nation presents The Pit”

– MAL, Albuquerque

n A BANK THAT offers adjustable rate mortgages could call it “The A.R.M Pit”

– Joe

n I NORMALLY DON’T get involved with editorial input, but in the case of the changing of the PIT name, I will state that I will actively and financially support the removal and public lashing of any official connected with pursuing changing the name. It always was, is and always will be the PIT. period.

– David A .

n UNM NEEDS TO GET a little creative regarding the naming rites for the Pit. Apparently, they are trying to get a corporation to put their name next to the word ‘Pit.’ The First National Bank Pit….It just doesn’t sound right. To the best of my knowledge, the official name of the building is University Arena (the wording of which is long gone). The Pit is the nickname. What needs to be done is to go with The First National Bank Arena/The Pit….Take that $500,000 a year check, as the place will always be called the Pit anyway.

– Joseph


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n IN THE PAPER it said that single ticket prices were going up $2.00 a game. I would be thrilled with that, but after reading that I divided 17 games into the bill I got for my tickets including the mailing service charge and my ticket went up to almost $6.00 a game! Figure that! Somebody sure doesn’t know how to do the math. Maybe that’s just a “come-on” for fans who sit in the very top row of the pit! Also if you pay the minimum $500 donation just to park, it comes out to about $74.00 a game. This certainly is not a family oriented sporting event anymore. I’m sorry.

– Long Time Season Ticket Holder

n A GROSS INACCURACY was published in your Commentary section (7/12) with a photo of Steve Alford. The tag line stated Alford would “earn” $2.6 M and coach for 7 years at UCLA. No coach “earns” $2.6 M for a season. Additionally, Alford will not be at UCLA for seven years. Betcha $2.6M.

– Herb, Socorro

n HOW ARE PERFORMANCE enhancing drugs (PEDS) like a hurricane? Both cause Jamaicans to run faster…. It’s just a matter of time until Usain Bolt is also caught juicing.

– Jason, Rio Rancho

n WHERE IS IT written that at the moment a professional tennis players wins a match, he/she has to throw him/herself down on the court? I say stay on your feet, acknowledge and congratulate your opponent, and act like a grownup.

– Corrales Guy