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Cops are fornicating? The horror of it all!

SO, THE COPS are fornicating. Who’da thought.

Let’s see, we’ve got Wiener, Spitzer, Larry Craig, Senator Vitter, Speaker Gingrich, Speaker Livingston, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, that preacher up in Colorado, I’m running out of room here. Yet you begrudge the cops their turn in the barrel.

Only god knows what City Councilor Dan Lewis and mayoral candidate Pete Dinelli have been up to. Though, if she exists, I seriously doubt if she cares. …

I’m a Democrat but I’ll vote for Mayor Richard Berry before I’ll vote for a phony or panderer. If Dinelli expects to win, he’d better stick to the real issues here. What he’s going to find, either the hard way or the easy way, is that the greatest majority of the voting public in this town supports our cops.

Period. End of story.


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We have zero sympathy for bad dudes, of any stripe.

I don’t care if cops fornicate. What I really don’t like are those dark glasses. If they want to be gestapo, they ought to go to a different country.