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Dispelling the myth

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Sydney Blu’s life seems like a fairy tale – traveling the world performing music and living a life of luxury.

The Canadian DJ is taking the time to set the record straight with her web series, “Being Sydney Blu.” She also recently released an album called, “Change the Game.”

“People like painting this image of a super glamorous life,” she says during a recent phone interview. “I wanted to show people what it’s like. I’m constantly on planes and killing myself just to get to a gig. Sometimes, I barely get to the venue in time to perform. It’s a rough life and I love what I do.”

For nearly 15 years, Sydney Blu has been making a name for herself in the electronic music scene. From remixing songs to making her own original music, she has seen her fame rise in that time.

“I remember starting out in Canada,” she says. “It was tough because I wouldn’t play to many people. There’s an upcoming episode where we go back to Toronto and this is where I became a DJ. The episode is full of my history and leads up to my first big record in 2008.”

Since her breakthrough, Sydney Blu has played around the world to audiences in the tens of thousands.


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But it’s the shows back in Toronto that are special to her because the fans who helped kick start her career still show up.

“That’s the amazing part, is these fans still attend my shows and support me,” she says. “That’s a humbling thing to experience. I’ve got love for all my fans because they take the time to support me.”

Sydney Blu is back in the studio working on some new material that she hopes will be out by the end of the year.

“With the music I’m doing now, I want to show myself as an artist and producer,” she says. “My music has been evolving since the days that I used to go to the clubs just to listen to music.”