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Hispanic voices and perspectives are under threat

Traditional Hispanics in New Mexico: You better take note. There is an ideology coming that will render your perspectives and contributions irrelevant. Nay, it is already here. It’s a given that the “woke” desire to marginalize and demonize people who are categorized as I am – a white Caucasian male. But what very few in New Mexico realize is the woke are not just coming for white Caucasians, but also, eventually, for Hispanics. Even though Hispanics make up nearly half of the New Mexico population – 47.8% to be exact – Hispanics will not be exempt from the marginalization that woke ideology will bring to their voices and perspectives.

Much ado as of late has been made regarding so-called Critical Race Theory (CRT) that some have alleged is embedded in the new social studies standards being proposed by the New Mexico Public Education Department. Regardless of your stance on the proposed standards and whether they contain any kernels of CRT, the proposed standards are a clear indication that Hispanics are not exempt from the coming wave of marginalization and, ultimately, demonization that these perspectives seek to bring.

Still doubting that there’s an ideology seeking to devour the perspectives and contributions of Hispanics in New Mexico? Look no further than the text of the proposed standards themselves. Let’s take one of the proposed standards that will apply to your seventh-grade son or daughter: “comparing the patterns of exploration, destruction, and occupation of the Americas by Spaniards.” (Proposed Standard Yes, patterns of destruction by Hispanics. Such generalizations would widely be considered racist when applied to other races.

Or this one for your 12-year-old: “Discussing, debating, or holding academic conversations about both positive and negative evidence of Spanish influence in New Mexico today.” (Proposed Standard Not the evils committed in the 16th or 17th centuries by conquistadors, but the negative influences of Hispanics today.

Yes, today. I am fortunate to be married to a lovely New Mexico Hispanic woman, which means our two sons are one-half Hispanic. I cannot imagine them sitting through a lecture in the seventh grade regarding the negative contributions their maternal lineage are still inflicting upon New Mexico today.

Here is the bottom line for why Hispanics cannot and will not escape the coming ideological revolution if action is not taken now: Most Hispanics in New Mexico eventually trace their heritage back to Spanish descent. The Spanish, of course, hail from western Europe, which, at the end of the day, the woke suggest makes many Hispanics no better than the Europeans that they seemingly despise and seek to undo. It is this connection to Europeanism, an original sin if you will, that most Hispanics cannot escape.

As a state, we should seek to teach our children all aspects of history – from the atrocities committed to the rich contributions made by the varied people groups that help comprise New Mexico. History should not be suppressed or altered, but particular people groups should not be unnecessarily demonized.

If New Mexico embraces the woke theology as currently seen in the proposed social studies standards, do not be surprised to see increasingly hostile sentiments toward Hispanics in New Mexico. To my Hispanic neighbors: Buyer beware, the woke are coming for you. Do not let the wolf in the door.

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