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Lobos in Ruidoso

RUIDOSO — Coach Bob Davie surprised his players by moving Tuesday’s practice up from 9:45 a.m. to 8:30, with no warning. He calls it sudden change, or “Oh, expletive.” — just one more way to get his team better prepared for the ebb and flow of a game.
Look for more details in Wednesday’s Journal.
… Senior defensive lineman Jacori Greer, one of the Lobos’ four team captains, said after Tuesday’s practice that the unexpected departure last week of cornerbacks Vershad and Rashad Jackson has not been a distraction to the team and will not be one going forward.
“Coach Davie has done a great job of being real open with us, telling us the reasons why things happened,” Greer said. “The captains kind of talked about it as well. We’re moving forward. It’s a shame that you’ve got guys like that can help your football team, but you can’t help everybody. “Everybody is a man, everybody has to make a choice. (The Jackson twins) made theirs, and we’re just gonna move on and keep building this program.”
At last Wednesday’s morning practice, Davie sent Rashad Jackson off the field because he was unhappy with his play. Vershad Jackson, who was playing cornerback on the other side of the field at the time, also left the field in apparent support of his brother. When told to re-enter the field, Vershad refused.
Davie suspended Vershad Jackson for his refusal to come back on the field, and Rashad Jackson cast his lot with his brother rather than the team. Davie announced on Friday that the twins were no longer in the program.
… Davie calls junior safety Davie Guthrie “The Most Interesting Man in the World” because of his on-field and off-the-field versatility.
“He can do everything,” Davie said. “He’s a punter, he’s a scholar, he’s got that Beatles’ (retro) haircut.”
Guthrie, a small-town kid from Tenmile, Ore., appears to be a pretty good free safety, too. He’s taken most of the first-team repetitions at that spot, though redshirt freshman Ryan Santos is giving him some competition.


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