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Fresh Hatch green chile hits D.C. area grocery stores

Ten days ago, I wrote a column that mentioned fresh New Mexico green chile would soon be available at a grocery store in Washington, D.C. Some readers in Washington – and some who had friends or family in Washington – wrote me asking that I let them know when the chile arrives. Well, here’s your notice.

The Harris Teeter grocery store at Jenkins Row on Capitol Hill now has a small stash of genuine Hatch green chile in hot, medium-hot and (last I checked) mild. It’s $1.29 per pound. That’s probably more than New Mexicans are used to paying, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I picked up a bunch there last night and can report that the hot stuff is pretty hot – not scorching, but it has a respectable amount of fire.

However, the Capitol Hill location is running low, so if you want to pick it up there I’d go today or tomorrow latest. You’ll have to roast it yourself.

However, there is an appealing backup plan if you’re not into the whole roasting thing. I called the Capitol Hill store manager today to get the lowdown for you and he said the Harris Teeter at Pentagon Row near Pentagon City Mall has a bunch more of the green chile and they’ll actually be roasting it outside the store this weekend. Meanwhile, Wegman’s in Maryland and Virginia will also be roasting New Mexico green chile soon. Click this link and call the store closest to you for more details.

So, there you go, and in the meantime here’s a photo of my Harris Teeter haul. Happy feasting.



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