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Q&A: 1st Congressional District candidate Michelle Garcia Holmes

Michelle Garcia Holmes

NAME: Michelle Garcia Holmes


OCCUPATION: Retired chief of staff


RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Eight years as chief of staff in state government, 20 years with the Albuquerque Police Department, serving as a police officer and detective, 30 years total commissioned police officer, former member of the Child Fatality Review Board, Domestic Violence Review Team, former member of the Human Trafficking Task Force, former liaison to New Mexico’s congressional delegation, and former member of Joint Terrorism Task Force Advisory Council.

EDUCATION: Saint Mary’s and Valley High School graduate, Bachelor of Science in occupational education


1. What is the biggest issue New Mexico is facing right now and how would you address it in Congress?

The high cost of everything and high crime. We need to drive down inflation, make life more affordable. We need to end Biden’s dangerous policies and secure our southern border. Fentanyl is killing New Mexicans daily and contributing to lawlessness. We need to end “catch and release,” prosecute violent criminals.

2. What is your position regarding climate change? What actions should Congress take, if any, regarding the environment?

The U.S. leads the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I support advancing energy by utilizing scientific methods, exploring new technologies and new streams of energy to balance our needs. As a global problem; stop buying foreign oil and push other nations to be more aggressive in protecting the environment.

3. What is your position on abortion? Do you think states should be able to place restrictions on it?

I am pro-life. New Mexico allows late-term-abortion up to a baby’s date of birth. That is a viable infant, we should be more compassionate, protect third trimester babies, help women make better, healthy, and educated decisions. Women have better options and outcomes when they collaborate with organizations like Care-Net and pregnancy care centers.

4. Do you believe former President Donald Trump’s claim that he was the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election? (Yes or No answer only, please)

Respondent did not limit answer to yes or no as requested.

5. What actions should Congress take regarding people now living illegally in the U.S.? What about for those who want to come in?

Biden’s harmful and dangerous immigration policies must be stopped. I will pursue strong and effective solutions for our immigration system, and provide common sense legislation for people who desire to reside here legally. Congress must secure our nation’s borders, increase staffing for homeland security in order to process individuals appropriately.

6. Do you favor a federal ban on the sale of military style semi-automatic rifles? If so, what would you do about the millions of such weapons now legally owned by American citizens? What other, if any, gun law reforms would you support?

Having worked in law enforcement for 30 years, criminals and felons in possession must face stronger and harsher penalties. I believe in aggressive prosecution of violators of gun laws and offenses perpetrated with a firearm. I support the Second Amendment, the U.S. Constitution and firearm ownership by law-abiding citizens.

7. Federal spending plays an important role in New Mexico’s economy. What should be done to increase other economic drivers here?

New Mexico must become more business friendly. Get rid of GRT, offer tax breaks on exports; ease regulation; establish and promote more small business loans, tackle crime, reform our education system. Businesses do not want to establish in a state with cumbersome processes, high crime and a failing education system.

8. What actions do you think Congress should take to address inflation?

Open the supply chain. Stop unbudgeted out-of-control spending in Washington. I support a smaller government, lower taxes and a balanced budget. Create more opportunity for New Mexicans for wealth and good paying jobs by bringing businesses back to America. Eliminate and reform regulations that make it difficult to do business.

9. What is your position on the U.S.’s response to the war in Ukraine? Are there additional actions the U.S. should be taking?

I do not have confidence Biden will protect strategic NATO areas and provide necessary support to allies. He has been a disaster; inflation, high food and gas prices, weakened military, Afghanistan and unbudgeted spending. I support the Ukrainians; no dictator should ever be allowed to viciously kill children and families.

10. What should be done at the federal level to address the crisis of opioid addiction? Any other drugs?

Secure the border. Circumvent manufacturing of fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine in China and Mexico. Utilize data to enhance access to treatment, recovery, and use of overdose-reversing drugs. Strengthen prosecution and investigation by U.S. Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security, DEA and FBI, with efforts to work collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies.

11. What should be done at the federal level to address the increase in violent crime in the U.S., and especially in New Mexico?

Vote my opponent out, Stansbury supports defunding police. Get serious about prosecuting criminals. Secure the border. Fund collaborative investigations with federal law enforcement and local law enforcement. Removal of present DOJ model that is not working. End “catch and release,” increase funding for recruiting officers, detectives and school resource officers.

12. What are your thoughts on the status of the U.S. Department of Justice oversight of Albuquerque’s police department? Would you take steps to try to change it in any way?

Crime has increased well over 60% under the DOJ model utilized. I am an advocate for funding police, unlike my opponent who supports the “defunding police” agenda. Yes, I would take steps to remove and reform the national model for policing. Let’s modernize policing in America to tackle crime.

13. In a time of high partisanship and division, what are some issues where you could find common ground and work with members of the opposing party?

My opponent: Voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. That will not bring New Mexico out of the crime crisis or lower inflation/gas/ food prices or establish safety for our families. I have a record of nonpartisan successes: Government/Corruption Investigative Division, human trafficking law, tougher child predator laws, etc.

14. What actions can Congress take to address the scourge of mass shootings?

I’ve taught active shooter preparedness. Targets like schools, malls, outdoor events need to be hardened. Research shows prevention through preparedness: funding for armed school resource officers, protect students/teachers, establish a robust mental health initiative, keep guns out of the hands of cowards who would prey on our children and vulnerable.

15. What differentiates you from your opponent?

I care about families. I am proven experienced and effective. I have a record of getting the job done. Experience matters: I worked eight legislative sessions, started the first state-wide Government Corruption Investigative Division, toughened up child abuse laws and worked with our community to pass New Mexico’s first human-trafficking law.

16. Why do you want to be a member of Congress?

I am a wife, mother and grandmother, a lifelong New Mexican. I have established policy to help us fight crime and border issues. These crises are harmful to our families and I will apply common sense policy to fight crime, secure the border, lower inflation and create a better economy.

Personal background.

1. Have you or your business, if you are a business owner, ever been the subject of any state or federal tax liens?


2. Have you ever been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy proceeding?


3. Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of drunken driving, any misdemeanor or any felony in New Mexico or any other state? If so, explain.


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