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capability of spying going on in the United States,


is there still organized crime around? – S.C.


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I DON’T VOTE Republican very often, maybe never except for Pete Domenici. But if Isaac Benton is going to sit on the fence about the unneeded roundabout at Candelaria and Rio Grande while Roxanna Meyers is opposed to it, she’ll have my vote. – N.G.

LET ME GET this straight. Attorney General Gary King accused the Albuquerque Police Department of botching an investigation. I have lived in New Mexico for more than 50 years, and that’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. – R.D.H.

TEA PARTY TEXAS Senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada and Arizona Senator John McCain was born in Panama, but they’re both American under the U.S. Constitution because their mothers were American. Just like President Barack Obama, whose mother was American. Birthers are such bigoted boobs. – J.R.

NO WOMAN ENJOYS an abortion, yet pro-life extremists are so hateful. Banning abortion and de-funding Planned Parenthood will only cause unwanted pregnancies, coat hanger abortions, and teen suicides to soar while these unwanted children will be abused, murdered, and live in poverty because the haters won’t raise or support them. – P.N.

THE DEFENDANT in a military court martial is still referred to as “Major.” If indeed he is still in the military, should not regulations force him to shave his beard? As a former military officer I find this lack of enforcement of discipline repulsive. – J.P.M.

GOOD NEWS (I hope) about the installation of a gravel parking lot to facilitate rainwater infiltration. Hopefully, the design includes prevention of infiltration of motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, etc. that drips from vehicles into the gravel. – C.M.T.

SO, SOME PEOPLE consider horses to be a “brother nation,” huh? Well, modern horses didn’t even exist in North or South America until the white Europeans brought them here. Horses are just another invasive species, introduced by the continued overbearing impact on the environment by humans. – F.C.

FOR YEARS , the Navajos ignored their feral, over-breeding horse population and now they want the OK to sell them to a slaughterhouse. They have the same attitude toward their dogs – letting them become feral, un-neutered and overbred. Will they want to sell them to a company to come in and slaughter them as well? – D.S.


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THE CULTURE of killing that has surfaced in Los Lunas is embarrassing and disgusting. First, coyotes and now prairie dogs. You have to wonder what this genius will come up with next time. – D.V.

IS IT FAIR that the IRS will collect the penalties paid by those who do not purchase health care insurance, but the insurance companies will have to pay for those who only enroll when they need health care insurance? – E.L.

RECENTLY WHILE shopping at Walmart on Golf Course Rd., I inadvertently left my cane. Being a senior citizen with great difficulty in walking, I was lost without my cane. Thanks to an honest shopper, it was turned in to the office. Thanks again to the honest shopper, may God Bless you. – M.C.

ARE THE PEOPLE complaining about Martin Heinrich moving his family to DC the same people who constantly tout family values? – J.H.

I’M RETIRED. I’m a grandpa (several times). I’m a veteran. I haven’t looked 21 for over forty years. I will not show my ID to buy beer. It’s insulting. – T.K.

HEY R.S. – us “animal lovers” don’t want horses slaughtered period. Here or in Mexico or Canada. Job creation does not make it OK. Maybe someone could bring in Temple Grandin to see if the process can be made more humane and carry humane practices over to all slaughterhouses. – K.M.