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Women’s providers must be valued

MOST JOURNAL readers have been well aware of the initiative to pass an ordinance restricting certain abortions within the city, as well as the contentious debate that has ensued.

However, the events of the last few weeks, in which specific physicians and a freestanding birth center were targeted by groups opposed to abortion, moved outside the realm of a public legal struggle over values.

The New Mexico Affiliate of Certified Nurse-Midwives has a membership with a spectrum of beliefs about the background debate on legal timing of pregnancy termination.

We are united, however, in our vigorous support for the health care professionals involved, who are among the most highly respected men and women in our professional community.

We are very proud of the accredited birthing center staffed by certified nurse-midwives, where the birth of a baby was unfolding at the time the “protesters” approached the center, a place dedicated to safe, joyful birth.


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The implied threat of a group of bullhorn yelling zealots at such a center cannot be overstated.

The actions of this out-of-state group included a similar tactic at the private home of a physician who has supported the safe care of women, babies and their families for many years in New Mexico.

As nurse-midwives we seek out cooperative relationships with the most patient-centered physicians in the community; our practices depend upon it.

We trust that the safety of women, babies and their care providers – both midwives and physicians – will be considered as the non-negotiable value within Albuquerque.