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Should I be worried my new job offer is really a scam?

Jeanine “J.T.” Tanner O’Donnell is a career coach and the founder of the leading career site Dale Dauten is founder of The Innovators’ Lab and author of a novel about H.R., “The Weary Optimist.”

Dear J.T. & Dale: I had a job interview that consisted of group texting. I didn’t think that an interview could be so boring. I had to wait as they typed out the entire description of the company, the job, responsibilities, etcetera. Then I had to type everything that I’ve done. BUT … the good news is that I got the position as a graphic designer! The only thing I’m extremely worried about is that I have done everything via text and haven’t talked with or video-phoned anyone. Apparently, I will be talking to my manager through phone or video once they send me the Macbook Pro with a phone and Wi-Fi setup during my training. Should I be worried about not speaking or videoing anyone yet? — Aidan

J.T.: I would be very concerned about this. PLEASE do not give them any banking information. And, if they say they sent you too much money and need to get it back, this is a sign of a scam. Here is an article that tells you how to make sure the company is legit: Please be careful and let us know how it goes. I hope it’s legit, but this seems very suspect.

DALE: I remember hearing of fake “employer” scams a few years back but could barely remember how they worked. As I read the article that J.T. suggests, I see anew how this is evil genius. That’s because, if you’re going to be an “employee,” the “employer” would logically need bank information to do direct deposit of your pay, along with your Social Security number and other personal information. Back when this started, scammers even set up fake offices. However, in this case, doing everything by text, they don’t even need to show their faces, much less their offices. So, let’s hope it’s a real job, but even then, who hires someone they’ve never seen or even talked to?


Dear J.T. & Dale: I rejected a job offer from a reputable company a few months ago because of a disappointing salary bid. However, the interview process was excellent. I had a great rapport with the recruiter, hiring manager and entire team. Now that I have had the chance to reflect on the whole process, I want to reapply for another role within the firm. Should I send an email to the recruiter? She mentioned that I am more than welcome to reach out to her, but does that apply even after rejecting their job offer? — Stella 

J.T.: I would definitely reach out to the recruiter to let her know you saw a job posted that you think fits better with your skillsets and would love to know if you could be considered. The key is to assume nothing. Asking what’s possible and going through the recruiter follows the right channels and will earn you respect. Good luck — it’s always great to pursue a company that you had a great experience with, especially if they felt the same way!

DALE: Hold on. If this new position is a higher-level job, by which I mean it pays more, then coming back is a logical step. Assuming that these are enlightened employers, they will be happy to have you back in the running. Indeed, they are likely to respect you for waiting for the right role. If, on the other hand, this is a comparable position to the one you turned down, and you’ve found yourself regretting not having taken the offer, that’s a different sell. A good employer wants employees who are delighted to be working there, not employees who reluctantly decided to take the job, especially ones who feel underpaid. (Management assumes that people who feel underpaid will consciously or subconsciously shortchange their employer on their work and/or will be eagerly looking to move to another company.) So, you’ll need to make sure they don’t see you as settling for the job. Find something in the company’s mission or its executives that calls to you; make them understand the positive reasons you are now certain that make you want to join their team.

Jeanine “J.T.” Tanner O’Donnell is a career coach and the founder of the leading career site Dale Dauten is founder of The Innovators’ Lab and author of a novel about H.R., “The Weary Optimist.” Please visit them at, where you can send questions via email, or write to them in care of King Features Syndicate, 628 Virginia Dr., Orlando, FL 32803. (c) 2022 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

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