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Rio Rancho council denies cell tower appeal

Rio Rancho city council narrowly voted to deny an appeal by AT&T to erect a 65-foot cell tower in Sabana Grande Park.
The wireless phone service provider was appealing a decision by the city’s planning and zoning commission in late June to deny AT&T’s permit request.
Councilors Tim Crum,Lonnie Clayton and Tamara Gutierrez voted against the appeal. Councilors Mark Scott, Patty Thomas and Chuck Willins were in favor.
Mayor Tom swisstack broke the tie voting against the appeal.
The vote came after councilors listened to more than two hours of testimony by AT&T representatives and comments from two dozen city residents who opposed the tower being erected at the proposed site.
Opponents said the tower would spoil views, negatively impact home values in the Corrales Heights neighborhood and mainly benefit residents of the village of Corrales.
AT&T representatives said the tower is needed to improve service in Corrales Heights. They said they could not find a suitable alternative site.


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