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Shiny & Bright: Add a little sparkle to the day with jewelry

Butterfield Jewelers’ Diamond Dots line was created especially for the jeweler to add a splash of sparkle. (Courtesy of Butterfield Jewelers)

The holiday season can be such a bright and shiny time of the year, so giving a little something similar as a gift makes a whole lot of sense.

Here are a few suggestions from the folks that make necks and ears and wrists and fingers sparkle and gleam under the twinkling lights.

Diamond Dots

At Butterfield Jewelers on San Pedro NE, there is a new a centerpiece item.

“One that I think is most notable is our jewel called Diamond Dots,” said Butterfield’s Megan Clark. “It is patented and created by our jeweler Dean Johnson.”

Set in sterling silver, or white or yellow gold, it features a diamond with a platinum shaft drilled through it and run from $600 to $1,500.

“They go on necklaces and just add a little bit of sparkle,” she said. “They’re really cool.”

Then there is the new Hearts on Fire line used in high-fashion jewelry that starts at $1,000.

“What sets Hearts on Fire apart is it is the most perfect-cut diamond in the world,” Clark said. “It is going to sparkle and shine and reflect light perfectly. It’s all set in 18-karat gold or more. And it’s all amazing, high-quality, beautiful jewelry.”

Earthy, natural

At Lilly Barrack on Rio Grande NW, earthy, natural arrangements are in vogue, beginning with the store’s signature line coming in rings, earrings and necklaces generally running from $139-$499.

“They’re all sterling silver and all handmade in studios in New Mexico said Lilly Barrack’s Phaedra Rayner. “It’s a special thing. Most jewelry is casted, not completely handmade. We use genuine, natural stones and the Herkimer diamonds.”

The Herkimer diamond is a select, naturally faceted stone with two tips to it that exquisitely fits in a setting, Rayner said.

“There are never two alike,” she said.

Likewise, using the highest grade American turquoise – including stones from nearby Cerrillos, Lilly Barrack crafts its pieces in harmony with the stone.

“Every stone is one of a kind so we have to make the setting for every single stone,” she said. “You’re really getting a one of a kind when getting a Lilly Barrack.”

Turquoise rings, earrings and necklaces also run about the same ballpark of $139-$499.

On the more affordable end of things, are other locally made lines or small earrings including turquoise, amethysts, blue topaz, citrine, and a wide variety of other stones, ranging in prices from $13-$29.

Try a Rolex

The specialty at Bella Jewelers on Menaul NE, Rolex watches, remains a top-selling holiday item, said owner Robert Weber.

“It’s our No. 1 selling watch and probably one of the top-selling holiday presents,” he said. “I do well with them all year. It’s a very good gift for a holiday.”

Bella has about 50 in stock with prices ranging from $2,895 up to about $30,000, Weber said.

Among his favorite, the classic Datejust, which runs about $16,675, includes diamond-set or mother-of-pearl dials as well as Jubilee, palm and fluted laser-etched motifs, which are applied to a traditional sunray finish for a particularly sophisticated effect, exclusive to the Datejust, he said. It also comes in rose-gold or stainless steel look.

The President also is a classic, with a pre-owned one that starts at $13,950 and includes a diamond dial and bezel.

Back to basics

At Creative Jewelers in the Las Tiendas del Corrales Center, appreciation for quality jewelry is making a rebound, said owner Janet Wiggins.

“The whole jewelry business has changed,” she said. “People are getting back to basics and liking fine jewelry again. For awhile, it was kind of waning. People are realizing it really is a forever thing. We’ve seen numbers back to pre-Covid. People are coming back to diamond jewelry again, wanting the real thing. They’re come out of hibernation and want to look good and feel good.”

And speaking of making a comeback, yellow gold’s popularity is climbing, Wiggins said, as opposed to white or rose gold.

Flat, thin, circular, medallion-like pendants for necklaces have been popular, she said.

“People are loving having that bigger, flat feeling of gold against their body,” Wiggins said of the designs that start at $100. “They usually don’t have gemstones. They’re usually the size of a quarter, but they look like a lot of gold because they’re flat and thin, which is why young people like them because they’re more lightweight and affordable.”

Pieces made from jade are also gaining popularity, particularly as pendants.

“Usually more seasoned people like it, but now young people have become more in-tuned to it,” Wiggins said. “Any kind of pendants with lions or tigers or rabbits, different animal shapes. People feel like jade is really organic and healing and feels good and has a lot of history.”

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