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Thanks for your help on a hot day

A BIG HUG and thank you to an angel who provided us with food and cold water while we were stranded in a Walmart parking lot off of Coors Road on Aug. 6. Our rental truck broke down on Coors as we were headed towards I-40. We were able to limp into the Walmart parking lot around 8:30 a.m.

We notified Penske where we were at and they dispatched a truck mechanic to our location. He arrived around 9:30 a.m. and did not have the necessary part on the truck to complete the repairs. He left and was gone for another hour or so.

It was hot that day and without shade. My wife was driving our pickup and was accompanied by our friend Cindy who volunteered to come along from Indiana to keep her awake while driving and to help us to unpack the boxes on the rental truck once we arrived at our destination in Arizona.

While we were waiting for him to return, a wonderful lady pulled up to our stranded truck and provided us with two full containers of Walmart chicken and six large bottles of cold water. I offered to pay for the food, but she would not take the money, nor did she give us her name. Her explanation for her gift of love and compassion, was she, too, had been in a similar situation once.

I publicly want to thank her for her concerns and offer of compassion to total strangers who she did not know.

In America many times, events like this go unnoticed or willfully neglected. I can assure the people of Albuquerque, and to this wonderful lady. it will not be forgotten.


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COOK SAYDEY, the dog.

Casa Grande, Ariz.