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APD’s no-plate crackdown; state police say ABQ-Santa Fe speeders being cited

NO PLATE’S NOW A PROBLEM: Starting Feb. 6, the Albuquerque Police Department “is cracking down on drivers operating vehicles in the city without proper license plates.”

Traffic Division and Field Services officers will be writing the $25 tickets. Chief Harold Medina says in a news release “we know many offenders conceal their identities during crimes by driving vehicles without license plates. We are cracking down on that practice.”

More details are in the chief’s video on the department’s Facebook page.

WHERE’S THE SPEED ENFORCEMENT TO/FROM CITY DIFFERENT? Several readers offered a reality check after the New Mexico Department of Transportation shared it’s a double-fine zone if you speed through the construction up/down La Bajada on Interstate 25.

Brett Woywood, who’s a daily Albuquerque-Santa Fe commuter, emails “I must scoff at the reader who thought adding double-fine-zone signs at La Bajada’s construction zone would make a difference. Signs are useless without enforcement. Other than big-rig drivers, who average 25-45 mph up the hill, the only drivers besides me who obey the 55 mph speed limit in either direction are the ones caught behind me until there’s an opening in the passing lane. Then, zoom!, off they go, too.”

Brett says one of the issues “hindering enforcement” is sheer volume. “Out of all the speeders, which few should the State Police choose? Second, there is a narrow shoulder in the northbound direction, and the southbound direction is entirely channelized without shoulders between the concrete barriers, so there are limited areas to pull anyone over. Third, even if police pulled over a speeder between the 55 mph signs and the start of the re-routed lanes, drivers would simply return to speeding past that point. I can’t imagine what might change the behavior of hundreds of drivers, but more signs aren’t it.”

And Donald Pinnock adds “signs for reduced speeds at road construction sites are worthless unless they are enforced. But alas, they never are.

“There is a drought of speed control on I-25 between our city and Santa Fe. This is the worst road in New Mexico for controlled speed. It is rare to see any State Police presence. Speed has always been ranked (the) No. 1 cause of traffic fatalities. Why?”

STATE POLICE PATROL DURING PEAK HOURS: For the 411 we turn to Officer Ray Wilson of the N.M. Department of Public Safety, who says “New Mexico State Police officers are on the roadways every day throughout the state ensuring the motoring public is safe. Enforcing traffic laws so everyone can get to their destinations safely is a top priority of the New Mexico State Police.”

And he has the statistics to prove it.

“Specific to Interstate 25 along the construction zone and in between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, officers are directed to patrol that stretch of highway at certain times of day during peak traffic-flow hours. Last year State Police officers issued over 6,000 traffic citations in Santa Fe County and over 3,000 in Sandoval County.”

TIPS FOR A SAFE DRIVING TRIP: Wilson adds “education is a key factor in getting the word out about safe driving habits.” State Police shares these:

  • Drivers should devote their full attention to driving and not drive distracted, put their electronic devices down and just drive.
  • Everyone in the vehicle should have a seatbelt on: Buckle up! Every seat. Every time.
  • Drivers should leave with plenty of time to get to their destinations safely, expect to encounter construction or other delays in their travel, and plan accordingly.
  • Especially during the winter months have extra food and water and warm blankets for long delays.
  • Do not follow the vehicle in front of you too closely and increase those distances when in inclement weather or poor road conditions.
  • New Mexico law requires vehicles to move over when approaching stopped emergency or repair vehicles. If you are unable to move over, slow down.
  • Check tires and fluids before a long trip and have a clean windshield to see our beautiful state and other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians on the roads.

Editorial page editor D’Val Westphal tackles commuter issues for the metro area on Mondays. Reach her at 823-3858; dwestphal@abqjournal.com; or 7777 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87109.

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