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Five dishes to make for Super Bowl

State Farm Stadium will host the NFL Super Bowl LVII football game on Feb. 12. (Matt York/Associated Press)

As one who grills and the descendant of other grillers, Super Bowl Sunday is a very important day to me for a multitude of reasons. My dad and uncle both own grills and smokers, so now I feel like I have gained their wisdom in regards to preparing various meats.

First off, football is as American as apple pie and the XBOX, so you have to go hard in the kitchen on this day in my opinion. Whether you are hosting a gathering or attending a party elsewhere, here are the foods that can help you rock the party. The way I am preparing this food is with a slowcooker but it obviously also tastes amazing on a grill, in an oven or in a smoker.

1. Pulled Pork

Let me start off by saying that it feels like people lose their mind over pulled pork. Whether at a high school football game, a food truck, or an outdoor gathering, it feels like the pulled pork people are always well received. I think Americans see pulled pork as a true “American” food and seeing the pork diced up into pieces before being sauced brings out the patriot in them. Thankfully, pulled pork is easy to make in my opinion so it feels like you can just season it then throw it all into a Crockpot and prosper. Pulled pork prep is somewhat easy as you just need buns and other toppings such as cheese or barbecue sauce. Two of the premade store containers should not run you for more than $12 so you can feed the squad on the cheap and look like a hero more importantly.

2. Ribs

One great thing about preparing ribs is that nobody ever complains about it. If you offer to bring ribs to a gathering nobody will say no and you may see their eyes light up in the process. Ribs can be pricey so I might even suggest going to the grocery store every day just to scope out the prices. Throw a rack in the Crockpot and add two cups of seasoned salt along with a cup of cinnamon while adding sauce throughout the process. I add barbecue sauce and hot sauce before I throw it in and add barbecue sauce three more times while in there to bake the sauce into the ribs. I feel like the cinnamon is the secret recipe of the ribs because it helps enhance the barbecue sauce and bring out its flavor. Then add a fresh coat of sauce to the ribs while they are done and you should have a solid blend of sweet and spicy.

3. Steak

This pick can be pricey but I try to get my steaks for $6-7 at Smiths so it can be done. I love teriyaki marinade to bring out the sweetness and flavor of the steak and add its own twist. In the name of Hank Hill, do not ask for a well-done steak or you should honestly be asked to leave. The best part about crockpot steak is you can cook at a high or low temperature depending on how you are feeling so you do not have to worry too much about the progress of your food. Barbecue sauce and marinade will offer the perfect amount of sweetness while the steak sauce gives the steak its bold flavor.

4. Chile con carne

For those that want to add a little spice to their party, why not have a mini chile cookoff? Have two people create two separate types of chile such a green chile vs. red chile for consumption during the game. The winner is everyone involved as you all get to chow down on a quintessential Southwestern dish. I have never made chile before and as someone born in Arizona this disappoints me but one day I will return to my Southwestern roots.

5. Chicken

Last but not least is probably the most versatile food of them all and a game changer for football nights. Whether they are drumsticks or wings or fried or grilled, some variation of chicken feels like a must-have for the big game. Chicken wings have been pricey over the last few years as well but the frozen non-premade wings still go at a decent rate. For those that want to lazily make a good batch of wings, the Crockpot is your best friend. Throw the wings in there and add some wing sauce, seasoning and butter while you wait until the game starts. After a few hours, the wings will have a great blend of crispness on the outside while the meat falls off the bone if touched. The smell of the wings in the air is a perfect way to get hyped for the Super Bowl.

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