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SpeakUp!: State aroma bill really more important than medical malpractice reform?

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New Mexico’s POLITICIANS’ USELESSNESS was demonstrated by a Journal photo of doctors — real working people — sitting in the Senate gallery because the committee to hear them speak against increased malpractice claims was canceled so the state aroma bill could be argued. No words. RT

Recommendation: Issues of importance or interest to the taxpayers not put to a full vote in the Legislature after two sessions will automatically be added to the ballot for the next general election. Example: standardized Daylight Saving Time, open primaries or malpractice insurance. Enough with STALLED OR TABLED BILLS. BH

27 DOCTORS take personal time to show up to testify to a legislative committee reshaping the medical malpractice law and the hearing was “postponed.” Who postponed it? What was the reason given? It seems potentially very disrespectful to doctors when we are struggling to retain them in N.M. DWA

As N.M. lingers at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST IN EDUCATION, the House passes a 60-hour bump in minimum required hours for high school students. Sounds good? “Just wait.” The bill allows teacher training, “collaboration”, and parent-teacher conferences to count as part of the 60. Legislative incompetence. JP

Governor wants GUN RESTRICTIONS on law-abiding citizens, but none on criminals. OK for 18-year-old citizens to use AR-15s in the military but not in private life. And wait 14 days to buy your family protection gun. Just more unconstitutional and useless restrictions by politicians. Impose same restrictions on cars. GT

Excellent, well-written opinion March 1 by (REP.) JIM TOWNSEND. Conservative patriots have endured the misfortune of having liberal progressives in charge of the state. Democrat voters continue voting for politicians who are responsible for N.M. being the worst. Until this insanity changes there will be no meaningful progress. DV

The bill making it a crime to store firearms in a way that negligently disregards the ability of a minor to access them is making its way through the Legislature. Legislators: let’s require the same for MOM AND DAD’S CANNABIS. This should have been implemented when cannabis was legalized. RS

The New Mexico lawmakers should be required to read THE TEN COMMANDMENTS out loud before they start their routine of making excuses for criminals. SL

It is odd the Legislature believes an 18-YEAR-OLD is wise enough to vote and sign a contract but not smart enough to own a weapon for protection and sport. JMW

My wife cannot find and sign up for a PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN in the metro area. This plaintiff-driven Legislature and their malpractice legislation will only ensure more doctors leave the state and my wife remains without basic care. Why? GC

Is the increase in MEDICAL MALPRACTICE caps for the patients or for the trial attorneys? Trial attorneys take 30-40% of what is awarded to patients. Maybe we should look at California? KR

Legislators should consider a NEW EV FOR ALL LOW(-INCOME) citizens in our state. It makes a lot more sense than bikes. They would not have to commute on buses that are dangerous and take too long to get them to work. They would be more productive workers and have more time with their families. If we have that much money to spend they should consider this idea instead. JA

As a single person, I can already see the “benefits” for me in the Paid Family Leave. I will be required to “hold down the fort” again while coworkers self-certify that they really need ANOTHER TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD. Seems we should be paid for creations made at work. JB

It’s March Madness in more ways than one. After this legislative session will N.M. get four more years of more crime, catch and release, increased cap on medical malpractice leaving doctors unable to obtain insurance, clinics closing, docs leaving, LOWER EDUCATIONAL EXPECTATIONS, small businesses having no choice but to close? N.M. Madness. FJ

The Legislature wants a state odor and roasting chile is the favorite. I suggest an alternative, RAW SEWAGE. If you don’t understand this suggestion, you are either totally ignorant of the state of our state or are a willing part of the problem. DA

Congratulations Legislature. You made a gun law that affected a handful of people, a law to protect big business, but left the rest of us to FACE THE CRIMINALS without any help. This city has turned into a horror movie set and you do nothing to help it. DP

Sad it takes extensive new legislation to force metal-recycling companies to stop taking STOLEN CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. Likely that many or most knew full well that they were profiting from criminals all along. How can these people look themselves in the mirror? Jail time is what they really deserve. RT

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