The Gallery ABQ presents its April salon show "Perspectives" with Nancy Schrock, Amelia Myer and Linda Weiss - Albuquerque Journal

The Gallery ABQ presents its April salon show “Perspectives” with Nancy Schrock, Amelia Myer and Linda Weiss

The Gallery ABQ, 8210 Menaul Blvd. NE, presents its April salon show “Perspectives” with Nancy Schrock (pastel), Amelia Myer (oil and acrylic) and Linda Weiss (fused glass). In the main gallery, the featured artist is Alison Thomas (fused glass and acrylic).

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Meyer Gallery, 225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, is showing “Ken Daggett: Evolutions of the Day” from May 12-25.

After years of embellishing architectural renderings that limited Daggett’s artistic ability, he is now free to paint without bounds. The years spent in this structured environment have given him a special appreciation for personal expression in his art. Some of his favorite subjects are the pastoral scenes of Northern New Mexico, quaint village churches and hand built adobes tenderly perched on the mesas and in the valleys.

See, 505-983-1434.


The New Mexico Arts Imaginative Collective is showing “Gateway to Sense of Wonder: An Intersection of Nature and Art” at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors Blvd. NW from April 15 through July 8.

The collective’s latest group art show explores the intersection between our physical environment and art. Five participating artists all share a common respect and sense of wonder inspired by the mystic Southwest and have joined in this exhibit that combines nature-inspired paintings, multi-media projects, found nature objects, coloring books, etc. Finding themselves at a crossroads of balancing the needs of living in the environment with the need for allowing nature to remain in a delicate balance the collective hopes to bring about a greater awareness of the irreplaceable gift of our land, water, air, flora and fauna.



Nüart Gallery, 670 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, is showing new work by Sunny Taylor and Beverly Kedzior through April 2.

“Interconnections” brings together two artists’ unique perspectives and intersects a shared interest in the approach to their respective medium. Both Taylor and Kedzior explore the interplay between organic and geometric forms in their respective bodies of work, where contrasting materials and aesthetics are forced to coexist. Through bold color palettes, intricate patterns, and varying textures, the artists create abstract compositions that evoke a sense of dynamic movement and energy. Taylor and Kedzior aim to find harmony in discord, creating abstract works that resonate with the viewer on an intuitive level, highlighting their complimentary enthusiasm for process, materiality and form.

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The Millicent Rogers Museum, 1504 Millicent Rogers Road, El Prado, is showing the Pastel Society of New Mexico’s “Signature Members Show” through April 16.

The exhibition features more than 65 paintings by 29 artists.

The show includes a range of genres, including an array of approaches to landscapes, portraits and constructed scenes.

See 575-758-2462,


LewAllen Galleries, 1613 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, is showing “Celebrating Picasso’s Legacy: Important Works on Paper” by Pablo Picasso through May 6.

Fifty years after his death, the shadow of Picasso continues to tower over the world of art. Recognized as a seminal artist across media and time, Picasso produced an astonishing variety of work in painting, works on paper, sculpture, and collage. His figural prints are particularly significant as they trace the intriguing intersection between Picasso’s life and art, offering a glimpse into the artist’s inner thoughts. Picasso used the figure as a vessel to showcase his formal innovations, such as mark-making, line, form, space and an experimental approach to process. Picasso’s distortion of form and figure reveals an artist in the process of complex personal reflection, which left an indelible mark on Modernism.

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Peyton Wright Gallery, 237 E. Palace Ave., Santa Fe, is showing “Ati Maier: The World Is My Oyster” through April 3.

Maier is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, photography, 3-D video animation, installation, performance and live action video. She was born in Munich, Germany in 1962 and has studied, lived and worked in Vienna, Berlin and New York City. All the works between 2019 and 2022 were created at the Apache Creek Ranch next to the Santa Fe State Park, where Maier lived and worked in a retreat-like environment, developing a strong spiritual connection to the mountains and pristine lands surrounding her.

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The New Mexico Art League, 3409 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, is showing “Black and White,” an exhibition of black and white photographs and drawings by New Mexico artists, through April 8.

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The South Broadway Cultural Center, 1025 Broadway Blvd. SE, is showing “Segments,” featuring the work of artists Troy Tapia, Ellen Babcock and Paul Chandler, through April 8.

Tapia is a resident of the South Broadway community where he has exhibited his works in various community exhibits. Tapia uses discarded items – or what is displaced – in his work creating new life through his creations. Tapia’s studio is an outdoor lot where recycled items become part of a constantly evolving sculpture garden.

Babcock is an artist, educator and founder of Friends of the Orphan Signs. Based in Albuquerque, she draws inspiration from landscapes and from an array of materials, often scavenged or reused. Her work has been exhibited at numerous venues including the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, Albuquerque’s SCA Contemporary Arts and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.

Chandler began his art career in the late 1980s and has devoted his life and art to the exploration of the American Southwest. As a painter, he became increasingly intrigued with the transitional relationship we have to the landscape as we move through it, and has sought to manifest that journey in his work.

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Pie Projects, 924B Shoofly St., Santa Fe, is showing “A State of Newness” with work by Dana Hart-Stone and Dana Newmann through April 1.

Both artists are inveterate collectors of mementoes from the past, such as vintage photographs and antique finds. These rescued treasures inspire new possibilities ingeniously expressed through their art.

See 505-372-7681,


LewAllen Galleries, 1613 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, is showing rare works by artist Herman Maril entitled “Scenes from Mid-Century America” through April 8.

Over the decades, nationally recognized modernist painter Maril (1908—1986) has been highly-regarded for his enticing images of life in mid-century America including the optimism of its building boom and the subdued splendor of its domestic interiors, sundrenched seaside vistas, and sometimes intimate and sometimes expansive landscapes.

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Peyton Wright Gallery, 237 E. Palace Ave., Santa Fe, is showing a group exhibit by Donald Roy Thompson through April 3.

Thompson began his current series of work in 2022, rekindling an aesthetic from four decades previous. He continues to refine his approach and vision.

“I am habitually focused on the relationship of colors!” he wrote in July of 2022. “I’ve tried, in my paintings during the recent past, to experiment with various forms of pictorial composition – both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

“My current challenge is combining the geometric with curvilinear form in an effort to achieve an integrated synthesis of the two, as they are experienced in hard-edge color painting.”

See 505-989-9888,


Exhibit 208, 208 Broadway Blvd. SE, is showing Danila Rumold’s “Seeking the Spaces Between” through April 8.

Rumold creates large-scale paper collages, utilizing the colors and textures of the natural world. Obvious evidence of the work’s making reveals imperfection, decay and impermanence while embracing beauty, spaciousness and interconnection.

Foraging for plants and collecting other raw materials, Rumold makes her own botanical and mineral colors. Dying and staining mulberry paper, she cuts, tears and mends the fragments of paper back together.

Exposing the work to natural elements, Rumold imbues the processed papers with the marks of weather, time and a sense of place. Their surfaces are reminiscent of cracks in the dry, desert earth and the scars that appear on our skin through illness and aging.

Living with terminal illness has heightened her awareness of the preciousness of time and the deep truth of our interconnection with nature. By interpenetrating essences of the Earth’s materiality with her own physical presence, Rumold explores themes of living and dying, hope and fear, strength and fragility, and form.

See 505-450-6884,


The Lena Wall is presenting the work of Kaitlin Bryson as a 12×6-foot billboard on the corner of Lena and Second streets in Santa Fe. The work will be installed in mid-March 2023 and remain for several months.

Bryson’s work is inspired by her ongoing research of radiotrophic fungi, which she has been conducting over the past year with Slovenian artist, SaÅ¡a Spacal. Bryson was selected by Pedro Reyes for this opportunity, supported by SITE Santa Fe as part of Reyes’ current exhibition there. The billboard is the latest artwork in the Reyes-directed series “Artists Against the Bomb.”

See 505-670-5854,


The Taos Abstract Artist Collective is showing “Viewpoint: Abstract Minimalism in Taos, New Mexico” at the Taos Center for the Arts, 133 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, from March 31 through May 14.

Featured artists include Desiree Allen, Montanna Binder, Anna Bush Crews, Dora Dillistone, Taylor Janell Field, Nancy Kirk, Jackie Kolbenschlag, c marquez, Sarah Rosie Rosenthal, Josh Tafoya, Matthew Thomas, Paula Verona and Salma Vir-Banks.

See 575-758-2052,


SITE Santa Fe, 1606 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, is showing “Direct Action” by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes through May 8.

Nodding at forms of protest in which individuals use their own power to achieve political and social aims rather than appealing to authorities, this expansive exhibition explores art as activism through a selection of sculptures, prints, performance and video work.

See 505-989-1199,


Winterowd Fine Art, 701 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, is showing the work of Jamie Kirkland in “Warm and Cool” through April 10.

Kirkland illuminates her painting method by sharing her thoughts

“It’s always a quiet whisper part of my process,” she says. “What I’m to do next. It doesn’t come to me right away, only after a long period of quiet and concentration that I find myself putting certain colors of paint on the canvas. It’s pretty much unconscious how I’m moving that paint around on the canvas. I may be pushing the paint around with a large putty knife, removing it with a folded shop cloth or running it into the color next to it. I’m working really close up at this point. It’s so exciting for me to see that interaction of color and the shifts from dark to light.”

See 505-992-8878,

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