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SpeakUp: Lobos women’s basketball, John Jones, Tucker Carlson, and golf course urination

So proud of LOBOS WOMEN’S BASKETBALL vs. NAU. Coach found out his hardest workers have been sitting next to him on the bench all season. Kids defended, rebounded, shared the ball. No more “we’ll bomb from three and the rest of you shag the ball.” Disappointing fan turnout, though. JT

Your headline: “A productive (legislative) session.” Well, unless you are an unborn baby, a law-abiding citizen, a parent or someone who understands basic economics. What the far-left in Santa Fe did “produce” will ensure New Mexico continues to RANK POORLY AS A PLACE TO LIVE, work and raise children. BC

“FREE” FEMININE HYGIENE products are not free. When the high-schoolers who advocated for this grow up and start paying taxes, they will understand that at some point people must be responsible for their own needs. “Free” money is not endless – taxpayers work hard for what others think is free. BG

INCREASE SALARIES OF MLG and six other elected officials. Ridiculous! In the business world, a job well-done results in raises. N.M. is one of the poorest states in the union, bottom for education, top for crime, physicians and residents leaving. … No raises for such poor performance. DC

Saw (Mayor) Tim (Keller) wearing an APD PATCH on his jacket at a news conference. Is he still living his childhood fantasy of cops and misunderstood robbers? How do real cops feel about this? Stolen valor? JB

Why do men think it’s OK to unzip their pants and URINATE ON THE GOLF COURSE trees? Do they somehow think we, the neighbors, don’t see them? The golf course is not a urinal. I’d like to believe their mothers taught them better. Shameful and disgusting. ML

JOHN JONES looked slow, rusty and awkward in his MMA return. I know I’m going against the grain, but a different opponent – Frances Ngonu – might have had his way with Bones Jones. Bones is past his prime, and he is now too heavy to be effective. RF

I assume people who watch TUCKER CARLSON are aware that his show runs on Russian Television (RT), so it would not be a stretch to think that the 44,000 hours of video footage from Jan. 6 will be seen and scrutinized by the FSB. “Nothing to see here.” RE

What has led our Democrat representatives to the idea the government should decide WHERE I INVEST my retirement money? If I want to invest my retirement in guns and oil that is up to me, not the government. JMW

As the TEACHING SHORTAGES continue to grow, the question about how to retain educators is often explored. Honestly, it starts at the top. NMPED needs to also look at what they are doing to be compliant with Yazzie-Martinez and live up to standards they hold schools to. JT

“Editorial: LOSS OF LIONS a real setback for ABQ Biopark Zoo,” but not as much as the lions, tigers and bears they kill. Why can’t ABQ Biopark Zoo care for large animals for full lifetimes? Freeing them to roam outside pens is only humane. Just look at his eyes. QRS

A UNIVERSAL HYDROGEN test plane used hydrogen propulsion successfully recently after converting a turboprop engine to hydrogen fuel. The company will locate their international headquarters, conversion technology and modular hydrogen capsule production facility at the Sunport. Great news for the climate and for Albuquerque. BS

SEN. CLIFF PIRTLE recalls shooting jackrabbits as a teenager with friends: This total disregard for sentient beings’ lives, and considering it fun to kill, is totally despicable. My dad taught us to shoot using water-filled milk cartons and tin cans. We are all crack-shots; never having killed a living thing. DC

I never thought that I’d need SUN VAN but I’m sure glad it’s there. DB

On a recent visit to UNM Hospital I lost my handbag with all my cards and a bit of money in a billfold. UNMH Security contacted me a few days later to say it had been handed in. Deep thanks to that kind person and the EFFICIENT UNMH SYSTEM. There is hope for the world. I am making a donation in gratitude. PK

NEW MEXICO IS 49TH on a list of the best states to raise a family? At least we aren’t last, isn’t that right? Mississippi wants to be last in everything, let ’em. We were at the bottom of lists before MLG and will be after she’s gone. MY

I have questions about the ability of our court system to be effective. Overheard a conversation at the gym by a fellow who claims to have FIVE DWIS and merely calls his attorney and pays a bunch of money each time he gets a new one. He has a CDL. HL

Some or all of the remaining federal $1 BILLION COVID EDUCATION money should be spent on classroom ventilation to provide clean air for our teachers and students. You have to be healthy to teach and to learn. FW

Another TRAIN DERAILMENT. Simple solution: Stop sending multi-billions to Ukraine; instead, fix our own problems. U.S. government rescues failing countries while ignoring its own people. We can’t be the parent on a doomed airliner that gives oxygen to the child only while denying oxygen to ourselves, otherwise, we’ll certainly die. JK

Priorities for our state seem to be BOMB MAKING AND MORE NUCLEAR WASTE disposal. Doesn’t seem to be an issue to be in last place in school test scores, and it’s OK for people to have to wait months for medical appointments due to doctor shortage. Why stay here? HT

It is not the amount of CLASSROOM TIME that is the issue with education in NM, it is what is being taught and what is the objective. Social re-engineering has become the focus, not writing, reading and math. Our education system is turning out sweet little socialists instead of humans. GH

I pick up trash all the time. The few grocery plastic bags I pick up, I use to put in trash. I guess with Democrats’ brains on PLASTIC BAGS, I will see the larger plastic bags to pick up. That will give me more capacity for all those cans and candy wrappers. GT

Benny’s law is not enough. It only covers gun owners that don’t take necessary steps to secure their weapon while children get the weapon and use it in a crime. There are a lot of children killed by CHILDREN THAT PLAY WITH A GUN they found in the house. RW

APS has seized 12 GUNS THIS SCHOOL YEAR. Very simple solution, no more backpacks. KP

How stupid does TUCKER CARLSON think his viewers are? Does he not know they watched the violence of the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021? Why is he trying to convince them it was just a bunch of peaceful tourists? Does he really think he can fool them? JH

While N.M.’s senior senator is working to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, a bipartisan group of senators has been talking about ways to REFORM SOCIAL SECURITY in order to avert a funding shortfall, about which (Martin) Heinrich has claimed that nothing needed to be done. Doesn’t he just make you proud? RI

To IMPROVE READING levels, focus mindfully on grades 1-3: use phonics primarily, supported by word recognition techniques; establish achievable learning outcomes for each grade level; test earlier in the year and intervene sooner; get parents to read to their kids; say good-bye to social passes. Si se puede! VW

In (the March 5) paper Point-Counterpoint column under con: The con is the gun lobby has people convinced they NEED AN AR-STYLE RIFLE. Just imagine you shoot at somebody in your house, 60 rounds in seconds, are you sure where all those bullets went? With my revolver one at a time I would; most times one will do. … You’ve been conned, bamboozled, lied to by the gun lobbyists. … JS

Wow way to go Oklahoma. In case you missed it, Oklahoma voters said a big no to RECREATIONAL POT. Proponent pushers spent $4.9 million, mostly out of state like here; opponents spent $219,000, 20-1. We don’t want a stoned society. Pay attention, governor. WK

Since N.M. has so much money now, use some of that to change the size of the invoice for the RENEWAL OF LICENSE PLATES. It would be nice to have it fit in a standard-size envelope. The current post card doesn’t work. TC

Former vice president in a recent speech declares that history will hold DONALD TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE for the insurrection. Why won’t he? JP

After every recent financial, social or physical disaster, Karine Jean-Pierre the White House spokesperson keeps saying the BUCK STOPS WITH TRUMP. Then we should just all vote for Trump to take that buck. NB

TERM LIMITS would take care of all these septa- and octogenarian congresspeople getting free medical care at our expense at Walter Reed Army Medical Center when they fall down. They should pay for health care like we have to. Walter Reed should be for military only. BM

Hey guv, once you get “your” NEW PLANE, can I borrow it to fly to Washington, D.C., to get my knees operated on? JPO

Remember the good old days when Albuquerque only had ONE MURDER A DAY? KE

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