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‘Breaking Bad’ props go on block

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Only three episodes remain before AMC’s “Breaking Bad” goes off the air.

But those worried about suffering withdrawal pangs will have a chance to keep at least a part of the show alive this Saturday, when memorabilia will be auctioned off to benefit Goodwill Industries.

“We’re excited, because a lot of the props and such are easily recognizable from the show,” said Shauna O’Cleireachain, Goodwill Industries of New Mexico’s chief administration officer.

The production and its cast have embraced the community it was filmed in – Albuquerque – which has become better-known around the world because of its high-profile role in the critically acclaimed show.


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And in late June, as a thank-you, the show donated a trailer of memorabilia to the local Goodwill.

O’Cleireachain said the organization’s staff is still going through items. and she didn’t want to give too much away about what was in the collection from the show.

“Some examples are DEA hats that were used in the show,” she said. “There are also some mock certificates that would hang in offices or in the houses of the main characters.”

“This is the first donation of this capacity that we’ve had from the film industry,” she said.

The sale will take place from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday in Goodwill’s former Clearance Corner store, 5000 San Mateo NE.

O’Cleireachain said Goodwill received the donation after it allowed the production company to use Goodwill items for some of the show’s scenes.

“They always told us when they wrapped, they would give a donation,” she says.

She urged people to check out the sale, pointing out that the proceeds will benefit Goodwill programs.


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“It will help us and help change the lives of those in our community,” she said.

“Breaking Bad” is the story of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, who decides to cook and sell meth to boost his family’s finances after he is diagnosed with lung cancer.

For five seasons, viewers have watched White transform from unassuming science nerd to murderous drug kingpin, all with well-known Duke City sites as the backdrop.

The series ends on Sept. 29.