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Radical simple living is good for me and the earth

What specific radical personal changes have you made in how you live because of what you know about catastrophic global climate change?

How can we expect corporations and politicians to wake up and make major necessary changes if we are too spoiled, lazy and stubborn to change how we live?

I have ridden in no car for 12 years. I have owned no car for 34 years. I love to walk!

I have not flown in airplanes for decades.


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I wash my clothes by hand and hang them up to dry.

My home is one sunny 9.5 foot by 12 foot rented room with six windows in the house of a friend. In cold weather, my room is heated largely by the sun. I have no air conditioner. I use a small fan for cooling.

I eat alfalfa and the highly nutritious wild green quelites from my garden. Quelites and alfalfa need less water than common garden greens.

I have no refrigerator and no cooking stove. I eat only raw plant foods – no meat, no dairy, no junk food, no booze, no cooked food.

I use my urine as free fertilizer on my garden.

I bathe my body with less than two gallons of water. I pour gray water on the garden.

I enjoy living simply and healthy. I live well!

I am deeply indebted to many people who have taught me, loved me and inspired me.

Change as fast as you can as long as you enjoy it and are quite sure you will stick with it for life.