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Urge Congress to reform immigration

I applaud the Journal’s correspondents over recent days where they’ve striven to show the harsh divide between those who object to anyone of different nationality or race having some form of success or fulfillment of dreams, such as the recent Miss America crowning.

What we see is an ideological divide that cutting across America is setting us as a nation up for years of acrimony and hatred.

It’s easy to be depressed about America these days. We’ve got messes aplenty abroad, and the Republican dominated House of Representatives is totally paralyzed.

The GOP-led House has become a small-minded, parochial place where collaboration is considered treason, where science is considered a matter of opinion and where immigration is considered a threat.


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There are some people in America who still haven’t given up hope that immigration reform can still happen this year. The New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice is joining other immigrant-based groups in seeking this reform.

We’ve just published a position paper that insists that whatever legislation is passed needs to contain a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants that is fair and also feasible, a guarantee that immigration reform policies support family unification and American values, and due process protections are enabled.

To spend any more billions on the border is throwing money down the drain.

In 2007, the last time immigration reform had a chance, it was determined that border security standards were already met. The Senate has passed a pathway to citizenship but suggests huge further expenditures while the House can’t seem to get beyond border issues.

We are at the beginning of a letter-writing campaign to House and Senate members urging their action on reform. The biggest block in New Mexico is U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce. There’s a fierce campaign in his district to the south to get him on board.

The signs of success are not hopeful, yet people still hope. There is too much at stake for America’s future, with 11 million immigrants living under a shadow and over 400,000 in detention centers.

The only winners are the private corporations making a fortune in detaining them.

The largest issue is the House’s continuing failure to act.

It took a great push from justice-hearted people to bring down the Berlin wall, and it will take a similar effort to break down the wall of death on our southern borders.

We in the New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice, along with our immigrant partners, urge you to join us in doing just that, to write Congress, to lobby the president.

It can be done.