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Decisions raise questions about city council’s economic sense


I was somewhat appalled regarding the recent activities of our Rio Rancho City Council.

They profess to encourage organizations to migrate here to provide jobs and economic improvement, so they decide to cancel funding for the economic development corporation and decide not to negotiate recycled irrigation water rates which may destroy the country club’s economic base for our community’s amenity and employment.

They budget $885,000 for preliminary design to repave Southern Boulevard which in the past was engineered in-house.

They want to extend Broadmoor from Idalia to Paseo del Volcan near the new City Hall and will spend $1.5 million to design the improvements and to acquire right of way, which already exists.

The state DOT and Sandoval County do not spend these large amounts for their road designs.


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While they may lose their customer for irrigation water sales altogether, it still costs the city to send the water to the river instead of the golf course.

The new city regime seems to have no economic sense whatsoever.

No wonder Tom does not want the frustration of working with our maverick council any longer.

Jerome P. (Jerry) Fossenier

Rio Rancho