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10 bond questions on Albuquerque’s ballot

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — City Hall is asking voters next week to approve about $115 million in bonds to pay for street repairs, library materials and other projects.

Barbara Taylor, who is in charge of Albuquerque’s capital program, said the focus of the bond package is renovation, rather than building new projects.

“The core value of this administration is renovation and rehabilitation for the protection of existing assets,” Taylor said Wednesday in an interview.

Approval of the program won’t result in a tax increase. New bonds are issued as old ones are paid off.


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Rejection of all 10 bond questions would reduce property taxes about $24 a year for a home valued at $100,000, according to city estimates. That would be about $36 for a $150,000 home.

Voters will be asked to approve 10 bond issues:

• $11.6 million in public safety bonds. This covers firefighting equipment and station renovations, police car purchases and similar priorities.

• $10.4 million for senior, family and community centers and for community-enhancement projects. This includes $2 million for a joint economic-development venture with the University of New Mexico, an effort modeled on “Innovation Square” in Florida.

• $12.5 million for parks and recreation. The money would help pay for park renovation, improvements to Balloon Fiesta Park and a variety of other parks-related projects.

• $12.8 million for water conservation, energy-efficiency projects and improving public buildings and vehicles.

• $5.8 million for libraries and library materials.

• $39.1 million for street bonds. This would provide money for reconstructing major streets and intersections and improving medians, trails and traffic signals.


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• $5.5 million for buses and other transportation projects.

• $10.1 million for storm-sewer projects.

• $5.1 million for improvements to the Biological Park, zoo, aquarium, museums and other cultural amenities.

• $2.5 million for affordable housing projects.

Election Day is Tuesday.