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Trio Gives New Life to Beatles Catalog

Eric Krasno loves music.

Whether it’s rock and roll or jazz or soul, the guitarist is at peace with music.

“It’s something I’ve been around all my life,” he said during a recent phone interview. “We have a very relaxed style and it fits us perfectly.”

Krasno, along with brothers Alan and Neal Evans, formed Soulive more than 10 years ago in Woodstock, N.Y. The band’s music is mainly instrumental, but a few tracks to have vocals.


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“We are musicians and we love coming up with compositions,” he said. “It’s a challenge for us to make music with out words. Each beat has to be strong enough to move the soul.”

The band’s latest album “Rubber Soulive” is an interpretive collection of songs from The Beatles. Krasno said the idea for the record was born during a Halloween show at the Washington D.C. zoo.

“We did an all-Beatles set and decided that we had a lot of fun,” he said. “We loved working our own spirit into the songs and the album came to be.”

Krasno said the best part of being a musician is winning over an audience.

He said while the band is still relatively unknown, it’s a win when he sees smiles in the audience.

“There’s a moment on stage when you start to see people grooving to the music,” he said.

Although Soulive is just starting to gain national exposure, the trio has opened for the Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews Band.

“Those shows are different because we are obviously the ones the audience came to see,” he said. “There’s the pressure of giving your all and hoping that the audience gets what you are doing.”

Krasno said the band takes its time when recording and that’s in part because it owns its own record label — Royal Family Records.

“We have freedom to do a lot of things,” he said. “That’s the best part of being your own boss.”

WHEN: 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 10
WHERE: Low Spirits, 2823 Second NW
HOW MUCH: $15 available at