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Geoff Grammer’s preseason AP Top 25 ballot

I’ve been invited again to be one of 65 national voters for the Associated Press Top 25 for men’s basketball this season.

As I did last year, I will post here on the Journal website my weekly top 25 ballot for all to see (and all to rip apart). The preseason ballots were due Monday from voters and will be made public Oct. 31. The preseason AP All-America team will be released Nov. 4, but my picks are below.

The only note I want to include for this preseason ballot is this: Don’t be surprised for a lot of shake up once the regular weekly polls start. I think voters get too locked into their weekly picks and wait for teams to lose to move them down. I won’t, especially early in the season when the sample size is so small. I hope voters aren’t afraid of movement from week to week in these polls.

So here you go…

Geoff Grammer’s preseason AP Top 25

1. Kentucky
2. Michigan State
3. Duke
4. Arizona
5. Kansas
6. Louisville
7. Oklahoma State
8. North Carolina
9. Ohio State
10. Michigan
11. Syracuse
12. Florida
13. Memphis
14. Connecticut
15. VCU
16. Gonzaga
17. New Mexico
18. Wichita State
19. Wisconsin
20. Oregon
21. Colorado
22. UCLA
23. Boise State
24. Marquette
25. Iowa
Others I strongly considered: Virginia, Tennessee, Baylor, Harvard, UNLV, San Diego State, Indiana.

Geoff Grammer’s preseason All-America

Marcus Smart (my pick for National Player of the Year)
Gary Harris
Russ Smith
Andrew Wiggins
Doug McDermott

I’ll also do plenty of discussion of the weekly picks on Twitter @GeoffGrammer

And for those interested, HERE is the preseason Mountain West Conference ballot I turned in.