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UNM student-athletes grad rates released

The University of New Mexico maintained a 74 percent Graduation Success Rate, according to the NCAA’s federal graduation data released Thursday.
UNM graduated 50 percent of its student-athletes who enrolled during the 2006-07 academic year. The graduation rate for the university as a whole was 46 percent.
New Mexico State posted a school record 73 percent GSR, while graduating 67 percent of its athletes from 2006-07.
Of the 10 teams that reached the BCS football championship game and the men’s and women’s Final Four, only one finished with a graduation rate lower than 70 percent. Notre Dame football produced better academic marks (94 GSR) than national champion Alabama (73). Michigan and Wichita State men’s basketball (both at 75) came in slightly ahead of national champion Louisville (70). Only Syracuse (45) fell below the national average.
Eighty-two percent of athletes in the 2006-07 freshman class earned their diploma, matching a one-year record. Graduation rates over the four-year span hit 81 percent, also a 1 percentage point increase and another record.
UNM graduated 60 percent of its athletes from the 2005-06 year. Lobo athletic director Paul Krebs said in a statement that the decline was expected because of a number of UNM coaching changes in 2007.
“We knew because of the high number of coaching changes in 2007, that it would impact our federal graduation rate because we had a lot of movement of student-athletes in that year,” Krebs said in the statement. “I think that the commitment to the academic success of our student-athlete really shows in the NCAA Graduation Success Rate, which has continued to stay at a very high rate over the last four years particularly.”
Coaching changes in 2006 included men’s basketball (to Steve Alford), baseball (Ray Birmingham), skiing (Fredrik Landstedt), track & field/cross-country (Joe Franklin), volleyball (Jeff Nelson) and softball (Ty Singleton).
Coaching changes typically lead to a number of transfers. However, the federal report does not factor in students who transfer in good academic standing.
Lobo women’s basketball had a perfect GSR of 100 percent for the fourth consecutive year. Men’s basketball’s GSR was 45 percent.
UNM’s female student-athletes for the 2006-07 freshmen class had a GSR of 84 percent, while the male student-athletes had a score of 65 percent.
Lobo baseball set a program high with a 73 percent mark. Football was at 58 percent.
New Mexico State football’s GSR was 63, men’s basketball 29 and women’s basketball 60.


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