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Sandia Labs wins five awards for commercializing technology

The Sandia Cooler

The Sandia Cooler

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Sandia National Laboratories swept the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s regional awards this year, earning five “outstanding” and “notable” recognitions for new technology development.

That’s the most awards won by Sandia at one time in many years at the consortium’s Far West/Mid-Continental regional recognitions, said Jackie Kerby Moore, Sandia’s technology and economic development manager and the lab’s representative to the consortium.

“Sandia has been working hard to raise the bar in our technology transfer efforts,” Kerby Moore told the Journal. “When our peers recognize those efforts it adds more credibility to the work we do.”


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Sandia received recognition for three technologies developed by laboratory scientists, and two for technology created in partnership with other institutions.

The stand-alone awards were for:

— SpinDx, a portable diagnostics tool that can test blood, food or water samples for disease-causing agents or toxic substances in minutes

— The Sandia Cooler, a small, rotor-like device that uses centrifugal force to improve efficiency in cooling computers and microelectronics; and

— Self-Assembled Multifunctional Optical Coatings, which offer an easier, less-costly method of creating film-like coatings used in consumer electronics, semiconductor devices and high-performance glass and ceramics.

Sandia won a partnership award with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center for joint work on developing a novel nanoparticle, called a protocell, that can efficiently deliver chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics and vaccines while reducing side effects in patients. A second partnership award recognized Sandia, the Department of Homeland Security and Systems Center Pacific for technology that improves the security of cargo containers.

“We are thrilled to have won these five awards, and especially the two partnership awards,” Kerby Moore said. “Partnerships with academia, government and industry are crucial to Sandia efforts to deploy technology for the public good.”

The SpinDx and Sandia Cooler have generated particularly strong industry interest in commercializing those technologies.

Sandia has showcased them as “hot technologies” is special events with prospective investors. That’s led to two licenses signed and three more in negotiation for the SpinDx, and one license signed with a dozen more companies expressing interest in the Sandia Cooler.