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Father-son team keeps a rotation of ales on tap at Sandia Chile Grill & Brewery

Sandia Chile Grill and Brewery has a unique way of making its craft beer – it’s made by a solo craft brewer who uses trial and error to get things exactly where he wants them while using equipment and ingredients he makes himself.

Brewmaster Clint Coker’s determination has paid off. It has won him several awards for some of his craft beers during the New Mexico State Fair competitions in recent years, and now he and his father, Mick Coker, are ready to enter the craft beers into larger competitions and distribute Clint’s mead recipes throughout the state with the help of a southern New Mexico distributor. Mick owns Sandia Chile Grill and Brewery.

Clint makes his own yeast and nothing is store-bought, not even the fermenting and other equipment needed in the brewing process. The Cokers make everything themselves. Their ingenuity has been fruitful and the father-and-son duo is producing craft brews in surprising time.

Some of the brewery’s tasty offerings such as its popular Smooth Move Amber takes eight days to brew, its Gold Rush Pilsner takes 11 days to brew and its Rio Negro Nitro Milk Stout takes 14 days to brew, according to the Cokers. The quick brew time allows the Cokers to rotate a variety of craft beers on tap.

On rotation, the brewery has blonde, Hefeweizen, pilsner, amber, English IPA, American IPA, extra-special bitter, cherry porter, smoked porter, dry milk stout and an Irish Red, according to Mick. He added that the Irish Red is highly requested by its customers.


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The brewery is working with a southern New Mexico distributor to get its mead bottled and available throughout the state — and possibly beyond. Its Ruby Red mead has a light, subtly sweet flavor made up of raspberries, honey, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. The Cokers use the Ruby Red for its houseblend-recipe Mead-a-Rita, a sweetened berry version of the popular mixed drink that adds mango and peaches to the mix.

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