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Baroque musicians take concert to church

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — About a year ago Karen DeWig and Sarah Roose Manthey began playing Baroque music together for the joy of it.

DeWig, who plays Baroque flute, and Manthey, who plays viola da gamba, were having so much fun that they wanted to share their joy. So they did a couple of house concerts.

Today the Albuquerque duo is performing at St. Chad’s Episcopal Church “so more people can hear us,” DeWig said.

Their concert is the second in a church-sponsored music series.

A highlight of the concert is Concert Royeaux No. 2 by Francois Couperin.


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“It’s just such a lovely, beautiful piece,” DeWig said. “The last movement is called Echoes. The last part of the theme is echoing throughout.”

Also on the program are two works by Georg Philipp Telemann. One is the Fantasia No. 2 in A minor for solo flute and another is a sonata in D minor from the Twelve Methodical Sonatas, which she said is kind of a tutorial.

Manthey is soloing in “Le Carillon de Passy” by Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Forqueray.

“It imitates the carillon with typical carillon melodies. A typical carillon melody is ‘Joy to the World,'” she said.

“It’s about sound, not about melodic or thematic development. It’s about filling the air with sound and letting it quiver out there in the wintry air.”

Ernest Sturdevant, St. Chad’s music director, is the producer of the music series. He said one reason for offering the series is that the church’s sanctuary, where the concerts are held, is an intimate space. The intimacy made him think that it should be used for chamber music.

The series’ first concert was German and American art song and tunes from the Great American Songbook.

“You get people in for one thing or another and they find, ‘Oh, I like that, too,'” Sturdevant said.