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Complaint to be filed on Bushee

SANTA FE, N.M. — Tarin Nix, who briefly managed the campaign of Santa Fe mayoral candidate and City Councilor Patti Bushee, will file a complaint with the city of Santa Fe by Monday questioning whether Bushee violated the city’s public campaign finance code, an attorney for Nix confirmed Friday.

Nix briefly worked for Bushee this spring. She told city officials this week a campaign worker approached her about “swapping” out a $1,750 paycheck she got from Bushee’s personal account in June for a November payment for the same amount drawn from the “seed money” from private donations allowed for Bushee and other publicly funded candidates.

Santa Fe’s public campaign finance code requires publicly financed candidates to swear under oath that they’ve made expenditures using private funding only from the seed money allowed to candidates for initial campaign expenses.

Bushee told the Journal she’s not trying to hide anything and the proposed November check to Nix is an attempt to reoncile Nix’s June payment with Bushee’s subsequent decision to seek public financing.

All five of Santa Fe’s mayoral candidates are seeking public financing. Candidates turned in qualifying contributions this week and are expected to be certified by the city clerk early next month. The election is in March 2014.

Nix’s complaint will be filed with the Santa Fe Ethics and Campaign Board. Her attorney David Garcia said it would be filed late Friday or Monday.



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