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Here’s hoping the drought forecast is wrong

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — On the subject of New Mexico’s drought, first there is this, courtesy of state Sen. Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe:


My Albuquerque backyard is a bit of a bust because of the east wind snowdome effect in Albuquerque, where pounding east winds keep snow from falling in the metro area. I had less than half an inch of snow – 0.03 inch of precip melted. But we’re seeing good snow numbers in much of the state, especially the high country, where the current storm will provide a good foundation for a helpful winter snowpack.

But at the risk of being that thing in the punch bowl, the long term forecast isn’t encouraging. Released Thursday, the Climate Prediction Center’s outlook calls for across the southwestern United States all the way from California to Texas, including drought conditions creeping back to parts of New Mexico that had been improving:

Drought forecast

Drought forecast

The reason: one storm notwithstanding, the usual Pacific Ocean conditions that influence the jet stream are not favorable for a bunch of storms.


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