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IT SHOULD BE obvious to anyone who has watched the Lobos that Cullen Neal is hurting his team with his shooting and turnovers. Coach, it is your job that is on the line if you lose games by playing favorites with your son. Just keep that in mind. There is a lot of talent out there but Cullen is not yet part of it.

– Will

ARE WE GOING t o have to second guess our basketball coach all year in regards to Cullen. Let’s give him the credit of knowing much more of his job than we do. Seeing all the print nearly every day in the paper is disruptive and non productive. Let’s give Coach a chance to develop his players as he sees fit – and that includes his son. We are still early in the year and all the new players have a lot to learn and need all the experience they can get as soon as possible. Let’s be positive and enjoy the season without all the negative mail and second guessing. GO LOBOS!!


COACH NEAL is only into his fifth game as a head coach. Why is the Journal already trying to create dissension on his team? Every player on the team has had bad streaks. It is the coach’s prerogative to play the players he thinks can do the best job on the various positions on the team. Only he sees what the players do in practice. Here is an idea for a new on-line poll. “Is it the job of the Journal to report the news or to create the news.”

– Larry of Corrales

I’M SURE CULLEN Neal will overcome his cold start, but it’d be nice to see what some of the other bench players can do, too.

– Joey

LOVED THE LADY Lobos new turquoise-numbered jerseys – they’re unique and attractive! Also, will take white home uniforms over the silver ones every time.

– DAN, Albuquerque


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MAYBE WE JUST need to come to terms with it, that the Mountain West Conference is just not as good as we like to think it is.

Jake S., Albuquerque

ADVICE TO LOBO basketball. Stay away from Massachusetts teams. First Harvard, now UMass.

– Dave C

HEY CRAIG AND CULLEN you probably thought the honeymoon would last longer than 4 games, didn’t you?

— Robert, Albuquerque