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Lucky Date enjoys endorsements by David Guetta, Tommy Lee

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Jordan Atkins-Loria may go by the stage name Lucky Date, but the 23-year-old has worked hard to carve out his space in the electronic dance music world.

And there was some luck involved.

Atkins-Loria quickly gained endorsements from David Guetta, Tommy Lee, Porter Robinson and Excision and has been on a roll since.

His career started while he was growing up in San Francisco and then when he went to college in Chicago.

“I started going to raves in the Bay Area,” he says during an interview. “I was just blown away by electronic music, especially hearing some of the early Benny Benassi material. I knew the production was similar enough to what I’d done with hip-hop, but I was still a little nervous to try it. Once I moved to Chicago, I set out to make straight-up electronic and house music.”


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Since beginning to tour the world full-time, Atkins-Loria has balanced music and his YouTube channel, which features his music and “how-to” videos on producing. His channel has more than 6 million views and has more than 15,000 subscribers.

“I didn’t get fans the usual way,” he says. “I got people’s attention from my YouTube tutorials. When I was transitioning into electronic music, I searched out a lot of tutorials so I could learn, and there wasn’t a whole lot out there. So, I began making them myself. I love teaching, and sometimes I’ll even do college seminars at local colleges the day before a show.”

In the short time he’s been performing, Atkins-Loria has become known for his sets.

“It’s completely energy-packed,” he says of his live show. “I take people on a roller coaster of huge ups and downs. I’m constantly trying to interact with the crowd as much as I can. There’s a lot of jumping up and down and bouncing. I’m all about pulling everyone in. It’s more about fun than getting dirty or grimy. I simply hope everyone has a blast.”