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SF food waste to become compost

SANTA FE, N.M. — Santa Fe city government is starting a program to collect food waste from restaurants and hotels and turn it into compost.

The city Environmental Services Division will partner with the nonprofit Reunity Resources on the effort.

Local restaurants and hotels will be able to contract with Reunity Resources to collect the food waste. Payne’s Organic Soil Yard will accept the scraps, then process them into nutrient-rich compost, according to a city news release. The compost will be available for purchase from Payne’s.

Reunity Resources already works with a city economic development program called the Velocity Project, designed to help grow local small businesses. The nonprofit needs to raise additional funds to purchase the equipment necessary to launch the program, the city news release said.

Details of the compost program include:

  • Green 64-gallon refuse bins will be leased to Reunity Resources by the city.
  • Reunity Resources will then provide the bins and collect them for a fee.
  • All food waste will be accepted, except for grease that has been separated from other wastes. Food scraps can be mixed, such as vegetables with meat and bones.

For more information, call Reunity Resources at 505-629-0836 or go to



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