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Reverend Red brings Americana psycho to Santa Fe

California-based "Americana psycho" band Reverend Red will perform at Sol at Santa Fe Brewing.

California-based “Americana psycho” band Reverend Red will perform at Sol at Santa Fe Brewing.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In six years, Marshall Dymowski has built up his band Reverend Red to a national touring act. And he’s not stopping.

“With each tour, the band keeps moving forward,” he says during a phone interview from New Orleans. “We’ve had some band members leave but we continue to push forward and get music made.”

Since 2009, the Mojave Desert-based Reverend Red has built a strong foundation through stories of old rural America and murder ballads from a Western saloon. Dymowski describes the sound as “Americana psycho.”

“It’s really cool that we’ve been evolving,” he says. “On this tour though, we will put a little more country into it and make it work as a trio.”

Dymowski says the people who make up the band are not only musicians but performers who create a musical experience and demand your attention and participation.

“Each one of us brings theatrics to the stage and (we) are not afraid to put ourselves out there for the audience,” he says. “Our shows have been described as captivating and mesmerizing. That works because each time we get on stage, we put our heart out there.”


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Dymowski says the band usually travels with only guitar, bass and drum and will sometimes incorporate banjo or violin.

“I think the lineup that we have now is really great and all of us bring strong musicality to it,” he says. “We’ve also been working on new music, which is a lot bigger sounding, and can’t wait to get into the studio to record.”

If there’s one thing Dymowski and crew can handle it’s change.

“During the recording of the last album, we got our new drummer while we were in the studio,” he says. “Talk about learning on the fly. But it’s been great and we can’t wait to further the experience with the next album.”