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Gas company works on 528

WHAT’S THE SHOULDER WORK ALONG N.M. 528? Rio Rancho commuters likely have seen the crews – and pedestrians and cyclists have undoubtedly seen the closed trail – along the east side of the state highway named for former Mayor Pat D’Arco.

Peter Wells, the city’s chief communications officer, says “it is New Mexico Gas Company relocation work in advance of the New Mexico Department of Transportation widening project.”

That work, according to the NMDOT website, will rebuild and improve the road between Southern and Northern in phases as funding is available.

The project will rebuild/rehabilitate the existing pavement, widen the road to three continuous driving lanes in each direction, add left- and right-turn lanes at all intersections, add continuous on-street bike lanes in each direction, improve the frontage road in the Industrial Park area, replace the multi-use trail and extend it to Northern, upgrade traffic signal equipment and sidewalk ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), modify access to improve highway operations and safety, and install a storm sewer system and noise mitigation.

Phase I will run from Southern to Ridgecrest and cost an estimated $12 million. Phase 2 will continue from Ridgecrest to Northern and cost around $16 million.


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