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Readers Respond With Monikers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — At the beginning of the week, we asked readers for suggestions of nicknames for UNM’s big-man duo of Alex Kirk, the 7-foot center from Los Alamos, and Cameron Bairstow, the 6-9 power forward from Australia.

Readers responded with more than 50 suggestions.

Some were more obvious than others, like The Bigs, Twin Towers, Cam n/ Kirk and a shout out to 1980s “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron (both Kirk Cameron and Growing Pains were suggested).

Suggested Nicknames:
• Twin Towers
• Twin Torres
• Pintar Capitanes
• Thunder and Lightfoot
• Cam ‘n Kirk
• The Atomic Roos
• Gruesome Twosome
• The Gingeroo
• Monster Mates
• The Two Mile High
• Mutt and Jeff
• Area 53 and Area 41
• Kirk Cameron
• Surf and Turf
• Dinkum & Dunkem – (Dinkum means real and true in Australian slang)
• Captain Kirk and the Enterprise
• Aussie and The Beast
• Big and Bigger
• Vanilla Thunder
• The Lobo Insiders
• Camrex Kirkstow
• Up and Under
• Chairmen of the Boards
• Board(er) Patrol
• Koyote and Kangaroo
• Alamos and Aussie
• Koyote and Koala
• The Bigs
• Nuke and Boomer
• Game Busters
• Dynamic Duo
• Bat & Super
• Loboamic Duo
• Lobo Titans
• Big Wolf Duo
• Big Wolfs
• Mountain Men
• Lobo Dynamos
• Atomic Thunder
• BairKirk
• Dos Vatos Locos
• The Alpha Males
• Over and Under
• Nuc-Lear
• A&C Spark Plugs
• Growing Pains (Kirk Cameron)
• Vanilla Skyscrapers
• Captain Kirk and Spock
• The Big White Hopefuls
• The AlCam Highway
• The Great White Dopes
• Shock and Awe
• Mile-Hi Monsters
• The Mismatch (quoting from Boise State coach Leon Rice)
• Los Grandes
• Dos Hombres
• Dos Grande
• Dos Hombres Grande

Others required a little explanation from the readers, like the Gruesome Twosome referring to how ugly UNM has been playing, albeit winning, most of the time.

Many others played on where the two players are from, and in particular the atomic bomb history of Los Alamos – The Atomic Roos, Nuc-lear, Atomic Thunder, Koyote and the Kangaroo and Nuke and Boomer (boomer being a large male kangaroo).

Some tapped into the bilingual culture of New Mexico – Pintar Capitanes, Dos Hombres Grandes and Dos Vatos Locos.


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The duo’s propensity to out-rebound opponents much of the season wasn’t lost on readers who suggested Chairmen of the Boards and Board(er) Patrol.

Others included A&C Spark Plugs, Captain Kirk and The Enterprise, the Vanilla Skyscrapers and the AlCam Highway.

A full list of the reader suggestions can be found online at under Geoff Grammer’s sports blog.

— This article appeared on page D4 of the Albuquerque Journal