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Sports Speak Up!

AS A FIRM BELIEVER in reincarnation, I was happy to see my position validated by the headline on Page B4 in Monday’s Journal: “Former Lobo Walker Returns as an Antelope.”

– Jack Bowers, Albuquerque

NAMES HEARD recently on various media outlets: Coach O’Neal, Kendall Marshall, Cam Neal…. and for all TV networks, it is New Mexico, NOT New Mexico State (although when the Lobos lose to Kansas by 17 points, by all means, use the NMSU name).

– SW7


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GEE, NOODLES, how dare you play your own son when all these expert armchair Lobos say he can’t cut it. Don’t you realize they’re smarter than you?

– Daryl D.

CULLEN NEAL answered all the critics with his performance in the victory over Marquette and it had nothing to do with being the coach’s son. They (the critics) can sit down and shut up now!

– Speedy Roadrunners, Albuquerque

CAUGHT THE UCLA-DUKE basketball game on ESPN the other day. Bryce Alford is a way better ballplayer than Little Noodles is.

– TS

JUST ATTENDED the awesome NM Bowl game. For the second straight year, “fans” who left early to beat the traffic because the game was out of hand, missed an amazing, crazy finish. I got a chance to hang out with rabid CSU fans in the Zia club upstairs. They were a class act and very complimentary of the UNM program [I was wearing my red Lobo jacket]. Congrats to Jeff Siembieda and his staff for putting on another great, competitive NM bowl. Same time next year, guys?

– George Scott, Lobos 82-85


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PRETTY EXCITING GAME but as usual attendance was lame…I recall some decent crowds when the Lobos played though…..vacant seats on tv don’t look good. Embarassing.

– fran

DAVE C. IS CORRECT regarding his assessment of WBB under Coach Sanchez. It is becoming apparent as to why she was not hired for head coaching positions at other programs. However, I also call out Mr. Paul Krebs and his staff for the over 50% decrease in attendance. Such a pathetic performance would not be tolerated in a results-driven, accountable program. Hire a proven winner such as Beth Burns or Elaine Elliott. And now no home game for 31 days…!!! Prove me wrong, please.

– Steve M. Season Ticket Holder, Lobo Club, Director Level