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Something old and new during Chatter

Cellist James Holland will be among the performers at today’s Chatter event. (Courtesy of Chatter)

Cellist James Holland will be among the performers at today’s Chatter event. (Courtesy of Chatter)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Something very old and many things comparatively new are on today’s Chatter Sunday program at The Kosmos.

The old piece is Franz Joseph Haydn’s Trio in D major, Opus 100. He composed it more than 200 years ago.

“It’s probably seven, eight minutes. It’s very compact with three movements. There’s a slow movement, adagio, that’s especially beautiful and has an emotional intensity to it in what is considered a light work overall,” said cellist James Holland.


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Holland, flutist Molly Barth and oboist Melissa Peña are playing the trio, which Haydn originally composed for flute, violin and cello.

Peña, Barth and Holland are also teaming up on David Lang’s “Frag,” which was composed in the 1980s.

“It’s pretty minimal. Much of the time the three of us are sort of playing a single melodic line together,” Peña said. “But what makes it really interesting and difficult is the rhythmic complexity. It’s very punctuated and syncopated.”

Barth, a founding member of the ensemble Eighth Blackbird, said that she has a CD project in the work that will have eight pieces by Lang that involve flute.

Barth and Peña will each play a work by Luciano Berio on the Chatter program – Sequenza I for Solo Flute and Sequenza VII for Solo Oboe.

“Berio wrote a series of highly virtuosic pieces for solo instruments, each of which he called Sequenza,” Peña said.

The oboe piece “calls for a range of extended techniques on the instrument while being centered around one single note (B natural),” she explained.

Barth also will perform Tore Takemitsu’s Air for Solo Flute.

Barth and Peña are on the music faculty at the University of Oregon; Peña had been a member of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. Holland is an Albuquerque-based cellist and cello teacher.

Also on the Chatter program is Albuquerque poet Olivia Gatwood, who will read from her work.