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Calm prevails as 911 callers report shooting

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Chaves County Sheriff’s office has released the 911 call from the January 14, 2013 shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell. Above is an edited version of the call.

Of the five people recorded making a 911 call Tuesday morning to report the shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, all were remarkably calm, including the kids.

The most dramatic of the calls was from a teacher in room 710 who was attending to a young girl who the teacher tells the operator got shot in the arm.

The unidentified teacher can be heard whispering to the girl, “Talk to me baby, we can’t let you go into shock. You have to talk to me, OK.”

At one point the operator has trouble hearing the teacher, who explains, “I’m in the classroom, I’m sorry, I’m trying to be quiet. I don’t know if they’re still in the hall,” presumably referring to the shooter.

The teacher informs the operator that the girl was “shot in the right arm and armpit, she says she’s having trouble breathing … I need to have someone help her now.”


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The teacher, with more concern in her voice then asks, “what should I do for her now? I have her sitting in a chair.”

The teacher later tells the operator that rescue personnel are going to have to get a master key. “I’m not going to open the door. I do have a window in my room, if that’s safer to get her out. Tell me what to do, please.”

The teacher is again heard trying to calm the injured girl, reminding her to “whisper” and asking her “how was yesterday, what did you do on your day off yesterday… oh, when was the last time I saw you… what did you have for lunch, did you have a nice tea?”

Finally she turns her attention to the operator again: “Do you have any instructions for me right now?”