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Sports Speak Up!

THE LOBOS are 5-0 on the road, and the only reason they beat USU were (due) to those eight 3-pointers that Bairstow hit. Right!!?? Great headline (Wednesday) morning, oh vey! … But really, GO LOBOS.

 – Robert

 The Lobos as a team had eight 3-pointers, none of which was Bairstow’s. Oops. – Randy, Journal

WHAT IS Craig Neal’s issue with Nick Banyard? The last couple of times Nick has played, Neal pulls him out of games and screams at him for slight mistakes! So Cullen can make endless turnovers and errors but Nick does not sink a three-point shot and he is instantly benched? … I don’t think he has 12 sons on the team; he has one.

 – Disappointed

MARK: Great job on the concussion article in Sunday’s Journal. As a practicing sports physical therapist I am concerned as I am seeing more neurological deficits in other wise healthy athletes. These deficits may be the warehouse of future injuries to other body parts but especially another head injury. I urge parents to get their athlete checked, treated and cleared before returning to sports after a head injury.

 – Felipe J. Mares PT ATC

COACH SANCHEZ is what this program needs! And, those who spew such worthless comments is what this program does not need! Viva Señora Sanchez!!!

 – El Hombre


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