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RRPS increased graduation rate

The high school graduation rate for Rio Rancho Public Schools increased in 2013, according to figures released on Friday by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

The overall four-year graduation rate for RRPS increased from 78.8 percent in 2012 to 84 percent with the class of 2013.

The graduation rate for the state remained unchanged at 70.3 percent.

The graduation rates at the two largest area high schools were relatively unchanged. Rio Rancho High School saw its graduation rate fall from 83.4 percent to 80.1 percent. At Cleveland High, the graduation rate increased modestly from 90.1 percent to 91.1 percent.

At Independence High School, the graduation rate slipped from 51.5 percent to 50.8 percent.

Much of the boost in the district’s graduation rate appears to have come from Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, where graduation rates soared from 67.8 percent in 2012 to 93.9 percent in 2013.


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Female graduates in Rio Rancho widened their lead over male graduates by almost two points.

The female graduation rate increased from 82.4 percent to 88.2 percent. The male graduation rate went up from 75.7 percent to 80 percent.

The RRPS graduation rates show increases of three to four points for Caucasians and African Americans. Hispanics and Asians posted even larger gains.

The American Indian graduation rate fell about eight points.

Graduation rates in Rio Rancho were up six to eight points for the economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities and English language learners.