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VLA Upgrade Proceeding Apace

Fleck at the VLAALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The upgrade to the electronics running at the Very Large Array is proceeding apace, according to Dave Finley, spokesman for the New Mexico radio telescope. The 1970s-era telescopes was shut down in January for the switchover to new electronics and data-handling systems that will effectively make it 10 times more powerful.

The new “correlator”, the computer that collects and synthesizes data from the array’s 27 radio telescopes, is up and running, Finley said today. The first scientific observations have already been done with the new system, and the shakedown of the new system continues.

See here for my December story on the upgrade project. That’s me to the right standing amid the incredibly photogenic telescope. (I’m the non-photogenic goober in the orange hat.)


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